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Greenlands biggest retail chain: Brugseni

To create even more advantages and a higher conversion rate towards the app we chose to launch strategic cooperation with Scratcher as our gamification platform. Read about the Brugseni experience.

About Company

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Consumer goods

Brugseni is 100% owned by the Greenlandic people and is one of Greenland’s largest retail chains, and they are present in 8 cities and have a total of 18 stores. Brugseni has approx. 600 employees and several thousand people through their stores daily.

Converted from customer to loyal member

Greenland’s biggest retail chain, Brugseni used gamification as part of its marketing strategy for the launch of its new Brugseni application. The app is part of their new digital loyalty program.


Many promotion codes were up for grabs and it resulted in many participants.


More than 50% of the existing members were converted to the digital loyalty program.

“We wanted to create even more advantages and a higher conversion rate towards the app. So, we chose to launch a strategic collaboration with Scratcher as our gamification-platform. Flexibility, ease, and the many opportunities that gamification gives us to take our company in new and exciting directions have been the key elements of our collaboration. We are very satisfied with the results. In fact, more than half of our members switched to the new platform and will enjoy from it. We can only recommend others to try gamification and here is where Scratcher delivers. Indeed, they provide both the technical solution behind but also the dedicated and competent employees, who make the whole thing work.”
Benny Reffeldt Otte
Benny Reffeldt Otte
Marketing and Communications Officer, Brugseni

Successful Gamification Marketing strategy

With a targeted plan and a big focus on execution, Brugseni succeeded with good results. In fact, their campaign both had recuring visitors and unique participants. We know that the population of Greenland is approximately 56.000. So, it must be satisfying to get 57.000 participants to play the game through the campaigns.

The combination of both having first prizes and consolation prizes was essential. Indeed, the different promotion codes were welcomed and used diligently in the stores.

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+57.000 people have played through the app.

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During the campaign, Brugseni got +9000 new leads.

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The count of members in the loyalty program grew to almost 38.000.

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