Fleggaard generated +21.000
leads in one campaign

+34,000 unique participants. A player only counts as one,
no matter how many times he plays the game.

Great rise in permissions

The wheel of fortune gave more than +21,000 new & reactivated permissions to the customer database.

Spin a wheel feature on an iPad. Green background, danish flag behind the wheel

Huge succes across the border

The border store Fleggaard wanted to get new leads collected and at the same time reactivate existing inactive leads. That is why Fleggaard has entered into a collaboration with Scratcher over several campaigns. The first campaign has just ended and this one with great success. The first campaign consisted of a Wheel of fortune, where customers had the opportunity to win DKK 100 gift cards to the store.

Fleggaard took advantage of their huge potential by using only their own media

Through great efforts on their own media, Fleggaard managed to create an impressive traction on their campaign. On their own website, they had made sure that the campaign was placed on the front page, in addition supported by a pop up and page banners. Their Facebook and Instagram channels were also used to promote the game. Without spending much money on marketing on their Facebook page, the advertisement managed to reach almost 30,000 which led to approximately 2,500 clicks on the posting.

laptop and iphone with the results of the spin a wheel feature. colofrul background
A dashboard on a laptop. Graphs and trends

Here are the results of the campaign Fleggaard made

The wheel of fortune gave more than +21,000 new & reactivated 

permissions to the customer database. +112,000 unique visitors clicked on the game page. 

+34,000 unique participants. A player only counts as one, no matter how many times he plays the game.

Customer statement

“We thought the Scratcher platform seemed interesting, and we could see the idea of getting gamification tested in a different way than we were used to. We wanted to see if it could strengthen our email database and attract new customers. The results after just the first campaign showed that using Scratcher was the right choice. We were somewhat surprised that we received almost 15,000 newsletter recipients, in addition to reactivating more than 6,600 which were inactive.”

-Mette Sørensen, Marketing Director, Fleggaard.

Fleggaard logo, black inscription, black and red square with white company name inscription