Huge success for saving the children

Scratcher and Red Barnet used gamification in touch
with Red Barnet’s annual Christmas campaign

Registration form for the red barnet quiz. african child in the background

Great lead generation and low cost

The gamification section consisted of an interactive quiz with 5 questions about Red Barnet’s international work. The quiz was creatively developed by Red Barnet’s inhouse and by the Scratcher team. Next, the quiz was released in Red Barnet’s digital universe. HUAWEI contributed as a prize sponsor.

3 KPI´s for the Red Barnet campaign

Engaging potential donors

The quiz wanted to engage potential donors who did not know about Red Barnet’s work.

Lead collection & Converting

Lead collection was an active part and the quiz’s gatekeeper. Users “paid” with their lead to participate in the quiz.

Sale of Certificates

The overall purpose of the campaign was the sale of gift certificates in Red Barnet’s webshop. Several tactical messages were integrated into the quiz as the entry point for the webshop.

ipad and iphone with sand in the background. peanut and grain in the foreground
Laptop with the dashboard of the scratcher platform. trends and graphs

Campaign results

2.000 New Leads

More than 2.000 new leads, which is a doubling of the normal campaigns


2.636 Participants

With a nice conversion, more than 2,600 participated in the quiz


1 Minute and 38 seconds

The average time spent on the quiz was higher than other campaigns

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