How Rito Dk got an ROI of 19,5%

The use of discount codes as a consolation prize resulted in
increased traffic to their webshop and an ROI of 19,5%.

christmas background, slot machine with knitting items on the rolls. popup with prizes of the slot machine, campaign

Enticement to visit the webshop

By activating and promoting their campaign across all the marketing channels, managed to create a very successful campaign. The combination of having both regular winner prizes and consolation prizes proved to be a very effective strategy, as the consolation prizes were discount codes that could be used directly in their webshop. Compared to’s previous year, there was an obvious increase in both traffic and revenue growth due to the implementation of the Scratcher campaign.

Campaign results embedded the Scratcher campaign on their own website using the automatically generated JavaScript embed code. The campaign launched during one of the biggest annual events, Christmas.

2 out of 3 of the participants were new permissions. The participants returned and participated on average 5,6 times during the campaign. The use of discount codes as a consolation prize resulted in increased traffic to their webshop and experienced an ROI of 19,5%.

Dashboard of google analytics with different trends and graphics
logo of rito. an orange ball of wool knits, orange inscription

Customer statement

“The goal of our activity was to generate both leads and revenue. We had set up a slot machine where there were a number of main prizes up for grabs. In addition to the main prizes, there was a new consolation prize each day. The consolation awards consisted of various discount codes and free items. Thanks to the consolation awards that helped get participants to convert, we experienced an ROI of 19.5+ thousands of new mail and SMS permissions.”

Kasper Toxvig
Marketing Manager

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