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Huge holiday success for Toyota

With 450.375 participants, this campaign had high customer involvement and engagement

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With effect from 1 April 2003, Toyota chose to transfer ownership of all national sales and marketing departments in Europe from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) to Toyota Motor Europe (TME). The change was made to further strengthen the sales and marketing functions and reduce the distance between producer and consumer. 

Surpassing expectations

For their Christmas campaign, Toyota created a Christmas calendar featuring the Quiz format. A Danish holiday tradition, the Christmas calendar takes place throughout the month of December, with a single door opening every day from 1 December to 24 December to reveal the game (and prize) inside.

In this case, the car company used these formats in conjunction to generate new permissions while accommodating GDPR regulations.

A gamification campaign for Christmas

Scratcher’s platform was a successful present under the tree for Toyota. The car company wanted to bring something new and exciting to both potential and existing customers throughout the holiday season.

The combination of gamification and effective product messaging returned with a high quality permission base. In fact, Toyota saw high opening and click-through rates in their newsletter and personalised, product-focused emails. These results demonstrate that Toyota made the right move using gamification in their holiday marketing.

"We work with Scratcher because they are flexible and have a big focus on their customers while it’s an easy platform to work around. We see high opening- and click-rates in our newsletter and personalised product mails. This is important to both maintaining and attracting new customers. The campaign went above our expectations, and it has also been cost-effective on the leads generated, which is an important parameter”
alex backer
Alex Backer
Digital Marketing Manager, Toyota

Conclusions from the Christmas campaign


Toyota activated the campaign through their own channels. Then, to attract new customers, they also used it in additional marketing activities


Toyota received high opening- and click-rates in both their newsletter and product-focused emails


Participants returned again and again. With a conversion rate of 97%, this approach demonstrated that the Christmas calendar had a high engagement rate


450.375 OPEN DOORS

High involvement and engagement



The average user reopened the calendar in 18 of the total 24 days

0 %


Of all the participants who opened the calendar

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