Whiteaway acquired leads in a difficult market of household appliances

After 6 months 82% are still subscribed to the newsletter.

Tine Bagger, Marketing Manager at Whiteaway says

“Scratcher works super well for us. It allows us to vary our activities in obtaining new permissions for our newsletter and gaining engagement with our customers. Besides that it is very user-friendly
and we can get all the support we need. I will at all times recommend scratcher to other companies that want to focus on lead generation.” said one of the Whiteaway marketeers.

Two iPads. the one on the rear shows the spin a wheel feature, with a beach on the background. The other one shows different prizes of the spin the wheel

Background Information

Whiteaway is an online store, selling and shipping household appliances in all of Scandinavia. 

Household appliances are not products customers buy often.

The specifications are complicated and it can be difficult for the individual consumer to know which product best matches the need, the interest is low, and the price competition is very hard.

Business Objective

Whiteaway wanted to build a good relationship with the customers and give them a greater incentive to buy their products next time.

The main goal was getting the most relevant leads as cheap as possible. And in the long run, getting more sales.

To do that, they needed a system that could make it more fun and inspiring for people to sign up for the newsletter and to know more about Whiteaway.

summer spin a wheel. beach in the background, registration form on the bottom right corner
laptop with the dashboard. graphs and charts

KPI's for the campaign

In July 2021, Whiteaway ran a competition with a wheel of fortune. The competition lasted for 1 month and there were 4 prices in total. 1 price per week. The value varied from 900 DKK to 4.000 DKK.

  • The number of leads
  • The customer value within 6 months

Campaign Results

CTR increased to 11%

The CTR increased from 1,5% on “normal” sign-up pop-ups to 11% for specifically this competition

After 6 months 82% are still subscribed

After 6 months 82% are still subscribed and 2,35% of the new permissions have made a purchase.

The AOV was 20% higher with those who participated

After six months the AOV was 20% higher with those who participated in the wheel of fortune than those who signed up for our newsletter in another way.

whiteaway logo. green dots with a with "W", green inscription