Davidsen celebrated 75 years
anniversary with success!

To celebrate the company's 75th anniversary, a wheel of fortune was used at the webshop. This resulted in increased traffic on the company's online channels as well as offline channels.

Celebrated 75th anniversary successfully!​

The Davidsen shop has on several occasions used Scratchers platform to enrich their database with new leads and at the same time increase engagement in the stores and on their webshop. There has been a particular focus on collecting email permissions among the company’s existing and potential customers.

Campaign results

The results from the campaign were very satisfying both online and in the physical stores. Online results showed, among other things, that Davidsen had almost 12,000 unique visitors, with a conversion rate of 42%.

The good results show again how effective gamification is and that there are many opportunities to implement as a tactical part of the company’s annual wheels. The Davidsen shop has been particularly pleased to use the promotions both on the webshop and as part of their shop activities.

Customer statment

“Scratcher is very service minded and we are proud of the results we have created through our campaigns. In 2019, Scratcher was responsible for designing and setting up our campaigns, focusing on solutions that suited our needs and desires. With great success, we achieved high conversion rates and impressive click rates through our newsletters. That is why we have chosen to continue the cooperation with an annual license in 2020.”