BLACK FRIDAY CREATES LEAD GENERATION AND DATA ENRICHMENT. had 156,000 unique visitors on Black Friday, resulting in over 36,000 new leads in just 3 days.

Gamification in their marketing plan before Black Friday

Today many people choose to enable gamification in their marketing plan before Black Friday and so did more than half of Scratcher’s customers this year as well. The focus is to gather permission for BLACK FRIDAY VIP lists, but equally customer involvement and general data enrichment.

“We wanted to give our customers a fun user experience. In Saxo, we are very interested in how we can use gamification to create an engaging experience for our customers,” says Chief Marketing Officer, Jan Ettrup-Mikkelsen.

Chief Marketing Officer Jan Ettrup-Mikkelsen.

"The Wheel of Fortune and the slot machine were fun features that got our customers to engage with our site in a new way, while giving us the opportunity to introduce our customers to our various products. In addition to marketing its an effective way to get new permissions and leads,” adds Jan Ettrup-Mikkelsen, who is pleased that the effort has increased engagement on Saxo's Black Friday page and tripled the visitors' time on the page.

It was a good idea: Saxo's Black Friday page had 156,000 unique visitors during the week, leading to over 36,000 new leads.

Casper Christiansen from Scratcher says

It also became a really busy evening, night and day and we tried to be a high priority for some of Denmark's biggest companies' marketing plan on the biggest day of the year.

Our server was really overheated at the time, but one of our employees quickly got it under control. More than 10.000 people visited our campaigns on the exact same time for a while.

It turned out that although Black Friday is an extreme shopping day, the shoppers had time to take part in the competitions which resulted in the fact that Scratcher never has collected so many new permissions before in the entire time Scratcher has existed. Scratcher got +200 new permissions in 24 hours, with an average conversion of 38% - which actually is similar to our normal conversion rates, although it still is extremely high and I do not know any other channels that have these performance rates.

It was a pleasure to observe the Danish companies becoming more and more skilled at thinking gamification seriously into their marketing plan and i'm almost sure that they will continue using gamification more in their marketing plans, taking the results of the year into account.