POPup wheel of fortune

Converts visitors to leads and boost sales

Convert visitors to customers

Give your customers the opportunity to participate in the competition and use the winning opportunities to create sales on the webshop.

Create effective lead generation

The POPup lucky wheel can, among other things, be used for lead generation by collecting permission for your newsletter when visitors participate in the competition.

New type of POPup on the market

Scratcher has developed and launched a new type of POPup that is entertaining and allows instantwin.

e-commerce companies

With the POPup wheel of fortune you can improve your conversion and get a smart and new efficient lead generation tool.

Selected features & options


Create your own identity, concept and message with our design editor. All items can be customized.

Mobile, tablet and desktop

The popup wheel of fortune works on all devices.


Instantwin, consolation prize, draw prize. Voucher for webshop or redemption via mobile.


Permission collection on participants, choose between email, name, phone or your own defined questions and fields.


It's easy, fun and entertaining for your customers

Get started with your own POPup wheel of fortune

You have the option to create a free account where you can try, setup and design your own campaign before you choose to pay to activate it. We also offer the oppertunity to setup the campaign for you and help you safely through all steps from start to finish.

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Scratcher has developed one of the market's best platform for marketing with proven high performance and conversion rates.

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