Product Swipe

Make your customers swipe and like your products

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About product Swipe

Swipe a popular word and we all know it from Mobilpay and Tinder. With product Swipe we take the familiar sweep and like and implement it in campaign format which gives you a lot of opportunities in database, marketing and content campaigns.

That is how it works

The contestant enters the competition and swipes through the products you have selected in the following. Typically informed man how many product likes man must give to join eg. a draw. Once the participant has done so, the participant and the end page will get the products they have chosen.

Lead Generation

Create lead generation with a Product Swipe campaign and let your participants sign up and leave before completing the game.

Data Enrichment

Get insight into your participants' choices in the Product Swipe campaign and use it in your sales and marketing efforts.


Increase the opportunity to generate revenue in the campaign by writing prices and links to products at each swipe. The participant gets an overview at the end.

2 tips for sales and marketing. The data collection on each participant is very valuable and enables you to send out newsletters with the applicable products the participant has chosen with eg. discount card code and make re-marketing campaigns on the products.


With Product Swipe you can create a competition where you participate in a draw and can win the products you have the body. One concept could be that you have approx. 20 products the contestant can swipe through and to inform in the competition that you have to choose the 3 styles that are your favorites and thereby participate in a draw.

Website content

Use Product Swipe as an integral part of your content on your website or webshop, and combine swipe with the rest of your content on the particular page where the campaign should run.

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