Get more data on your customers

Game campaigns are one of the best tools for collecting specific data to create more segmented campaigns for your audience
Get to know your customers

You will get a broader knowledge of your target audience, and thus be better placed to segment in your further marketing.

Collect new customer data

With Scratcher, our data collector will follow you to better understand your audience.

Follow their interaction

See how your customers act during the campaigns, and take advantage of this in your further marketing.


Get more data on your customers

Collect data on your participants so you can better target your marketing to your customers. Game campaigns allow you to ask your customers what products they are interested in, both through questions and interaction in the games.


Data registration on your customers

Follow all your clients' engagements and interactions on the campaigns you send out. The system collects all data on each customer and you can segment into lists, thereby allowing you to continuously work to get the data on the customer you need to target your prospective marketing.

SMS customer club

If you have a sms customer club, you can broadcast your segmented campaigns via SMS and thereby allow your customers to participate in your game campaigns.

Newsletter customer club

If you have a newsletter system with a large customer list, you can send out your segmented campaigns through your system, enabling your customers to participate in your game campaigns.

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Scratcher is the tool for you if you want to market your business in a fun, different and inexpensive way for new and existing customers.

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