Add-ons & Integrations

Automate the data transfer between your CRM or newsletter system and Scratcher

To integrate an integration with Scratcher, go under your account and enable the integration you want to use to automate the process. It's easy and takes only 30 seconds to activate.

Automate the process with integrations

Take advantage of the possibilities of making automated processes, like making sure that your leads / participants on the campaign are sent directly to another system Then this is an option you can use.

We also support common CSV exports and other solutions that you can inquire about in addition to the systems and services we integrate with. We are developing new integrations for Scratcher continuously.

Zapier integration

Integrates with over 1000 different systems using Zapier..

1000+ apps

Zapier has over 1000 integration apps and this allows you to use Scratcher and thereby get the process automated.

Automated Workflow

Zapier has created a platform that allows you to set up the perfect data workflow between all the systems your business uses.

Account at Zapier

In order for you to use the Zapier and Scratcher integration, you need to have an account with Zapier. You can start on their free version.

After you select the integration on your account page, you should go to "publication" which is the final step when you make a campaign. Here you could link your campaign with a newsletter system like Mailchimp. This means that Mailchimp will then automatically subscribe a participant to a list of your choice.

Start your automation flow immediately

If you want participants in your campaign to receive your welcome flow right after participating, you can opt for this by selecting one of the integrations.

With an automated process, you ensure that the data is being sent correctly and your new lead will be included in your setup customer experience.

Works on all sites

Get your campaigns directly into your site with our iframe solution.

Strategic integration cooperation

We work together with several strategic partners both nationally and internationally. The purpose of these collaborations is to provide value for both parties and especially the customers.

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Integrate with Scratcher via API

To help you integrate with Scratcher, we've developed an API that makes it easy for you to get started. You are very welcome to contact us if you need any help or have any questions.

Scratcher API

We are continously working on new integrations for Scratcher so relax - there are more integrations on the way!

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