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With an average conversion rate of 35-50% on all campaigns, Scratcher is one of the market's strongest lead generation tools
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Behind the entertaining campaigns, Scratcher generates leads to your business at the same time.

Effective tool

Scratcher is an effective tool for collecting quality leads

Convert to customers

Achieve effective conversion from audience to customers through our game campaigns.

Lead Generation

Lead generation at highest level

Game campaigns convert far higher than normal competitions. This is because you give the consumer a more enjoyable experience and motivation to participate. The user is more interested in knowing if they have won something now and here.

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Lead Generation

Get subscribers for your newsletter

Choose how you would like to collect your leads. You can collect leads by the consumer entering a mobile number or e-mail address. This way you can collect info to your customer club via newsletters or text messages.

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Use 30 minutes to talk to us about how Scratcher can help your business. Book a date and time using the link below. Answer the questions in the booking so we have the opportunity to gather knowledge about your business. This way you get the most out of the presentation.

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Scratcher is the tool for you if you want to market your business in a fun, different and inexpensive way for new and existing customers.

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