Get more visitors to your website

Your campaigns are linked to your website, whether it is links or prizes. It directs your participants directly to your shop

Create traffic on your site

As a webshop or shopkeeper, it is imperative that there are guests in the shop. Your promotional earnings must be redeemed at your webshop or in your physical store, which means increased traffic.

Overall Experience

The target audience gets an overall experience with your brand, from participation in the competition, to the presentation of your webshop or store.

New loyal customers

Just one good experience is needed for a customer to return. Use Scratcher to show you how to offer high-quality service.

Positive reviews

Consumers help each other for good and evil. Give your customers an experience that is worth recommending to others, so you can attract even more in the shop.


Create sales campaigns

Scratcher is designed to entertain your audience, then direct them directly to your webshop or store. It opens up for sales and higher revenue.

Additional sales

Your participants will be directed directly to your webshop or physical store, giving you the opportunity to sell even more products.

Info boxes

You have the option of designing your campaign with info boxes that can be used for displaying new products.

Future marketing

After the campaign, you now have a larger customer base to market to. Use this for your benefit and send great deals to recipients of your newsletter.

Scratcher is the tool for you if you want to market your business in a fun, different and inexpensive way for new and existing customers.

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