About us

Harnessing the power of gamification

Our story

We help companies engage their audience with gamification

We first entered the gamification space in 2017 with the release of Scratcher 1.0. In our first year, we collected feedback from 100 companies and used this data to determine which direction we wanted our platform to grow. From there, we developed and optimised a number of big updates for the platform and our business.

From 2018 until today, our journey has grown from idea to proof of concept to ambitious company. Scratcher is, and will always be, a leading platform in the gamification market.

Our team of 20+ employees is highly committed to making Scratcher the most user-friendly and effective platform. Our focus is on our customers’ continued success and in ensuring that they reach their goals with Scratcher.

We work with customers in 25+ countries and look forward to introducing even more to the power of gamification!


Our values

We want to build a long-lasting and sustainable business. Our aim is to work with passionate and engaged employees.

Our passion is for the introduction, training, and education of companies in the use of gamification for their business.

Our team works with great energy, product knowledge, and business know-how. Our purpose, as a company, is to achieve our desired goals together with our customers. Also, we want to work with and maintain them as happy customers for many years to come.

We believe that working together as a team across departments creates the right culture – a culture that is required to build a business like Scratcher. Everyone on team Scratcher knows our goal, vision, and mission so that we grow to new heights together. We are focused on this task every day, every month, and every year.

Henrik Lund & Casper Christiansen, Scratcher’s founders