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The Scratchcard is a fun and entertaining game format where participants scratch and immediately see if they have won.

A fun and entertaining campaign type where participants spin the wheel and immediately see if they have won.

Just like the classic Slot Machine, participants spin and need to get three matching icons in a row to win. 

Flip and match the tiles. This a fun and skill based game format that gives an interactive way to present new products.

Similar to many popular dating apps, it presents a number of images to swipe through and like the favourites.

Participants swipe through options and pick their favourites, like a favourite dinner, a pet, or vacations.

A classic format, very easy to set up. Customise the look of the cube to fit your company branding—it’s entirely up to you!

A simple game where participants choose between a number of boxes and hope to pick the correct one to win! 

Guess the combinations of numbers and give your participants a chance to win an exclusive prize. Just like a lottery. 

Combine different question & answer types to create unique experiences. Use question types like text, images, or videos.

Engage your participants by presenting them with a series of options and have them pick their favourites among them. 

Asks participants a set of questions and then display the corresponding profile or solution based on the given answers. 

The participants need to guess the outcome of any local, national, or international sports event. 

Use this high converting game to promote your products, or highlight one of your sponsors—100% customizable! 


Choose an image and create a puzzle that challenges the participants to reassemble the original image.

While traditionally used for Christmas campaigns, this format is versatile to any event. A door opens a new competition each day!

Every Advent Sunday, one of four doors opens, revealing new competitions. Each day, you can enjoy a different format.

Define, trigger, and deploy timely and customised pop ups that suit your goals in a few simple steps.

Popup-wheel of fortune

Popup - Wheel of fortune

This game format merges the allure of pop-up entertainment with the classic charm of a wheel of fortune.

Our take on an old classic. Slide your basket side-to-side and catch the falling items. 100% customizable!

In this interactive game, players aim and shoot at moving targets, which could be your logo, products, discount, etc.