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Customer activation

Use gamification to activate your audience

Incentivise the journey and motivate customers toward the next stage of their customer life cycle

Customer activation and how to go about it

Create a memorable experience to engage and retain customers

How can customer activation help your business?

Whether generating a new lead, re-engaging an inactive customer, or creating a loyal advocate, it’s important to motivate your audience to move forward in their customer life cycle. In fact, activating your audience can be critical in maintaining an engaged and loyal customer. Although many visitors may move through these stages on their own, not all of them will. This is where gamification can be of use.

Gamify the customer journey

It all starts with a deeper understanding of your audience. You might have an idea of who your potential and existing customers are – their demographics, behaviours, needs – but the best thing to do is make your insights actionable.

Every step of the customer journey can be improved by gamification. Is there a stage where visitors often get stuck and become inactive? Interactive campaigns can help you enrich your customer data and identify new ways to inspire engagement, purchases, and external recommendations.

How can you increase sales using customer activation?

By implementing gamification in your customer journey, you can increase engagement and activate both new and existing customers. An engaged audience is more likely to visit your website, make purchases, recommend your brand to others, and more. Introductory rewards, discount offers, and loyalty programs are all opportunities to activate your customers and create an incentive to spend. Whether it’s a new visitor, an existing, active customer, a reactivated buyer, or a long-time loyalist, there is always an opportunity to increase sales using interactive campaigns.

Start activating your audience today

Wondering how you can keep your customers coming back? Want them to recommend your brand to others?

Begin strategising you customer life cycle and increase your clients’ overall engagement with interactive experiences. Scratcher can help ensure that every interaction in your customer journey delivers a positive impact and moves your customers to their next stage.

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