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Professional Services

Flexibility is key for us! Whether it’s embedding external APIs or changing UI elements, we ensure the final product meets all client specifications seamlessly.

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Custom Integrations Expand Possibilities

Recent projects showcase our expertise in reprogramming applications to seamlessly integrate external APIs, such as Google Maps, and integrating loyalty programs through token exchange for enhanced user accessibility across multiple platforms. 

We provide personalized services that enrich data, reduce duplicates, and merge datasets through custom integrations. 

Custom CSS styling

Tailoring Games and Campaigns

In addition to custom integrations, we frequently adjust the look and feel of games and campaigns. For example, we customized a quiz format to a Kahoot-style point system for a healthcare client. Speed and knowledge dictated the points earned on a collective scoreboard. These gameplay adaptations help drive engagement for each client’s unique audience.

It’s all about crafting unique user interfaces that stand out.

Five stars support

Customer Success Manager

We  oversee the onboarding process and provide ongoing support to ensure seamless integration of services. Access strategy workshops to align objectives and facilitate effective campaign planning.

Utilizing performance analysis, we identify areas for improvement and present new features and functions to optimize results. With a commitment to comprehensive support, we prioritize our client’s satisfaction and success at every stage of the journey.