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Create new business and upsell opportunities with interactive marketing.




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Create new business and upsell opportunities with interactive marketing.

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Maximise your B2B potential with interactive content

From generating quality leads to increasing brand awareness, interactive marketing is a valuable tool that helps B2B businesses reach their goals


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B2B marketing is truly about people-to-people—and people like to engage with content

Lead generation

Engaging, interactive content helps you understand your customer journey better and generate quality leads

Seamless integration & control

Scratcher allows you to create and seamlessly host interactive content on your website or landing page

Event activation opportunities

Upgrade your events, trade shows, and fairs with interactive content to collect leads and activate your audience

Greater buyer insights

Create personalised experiences for visitors by tailoring gamified content to their specific needs, interests, and behaviours

Our most successful interactive experiences for B2B companies

Scratcher’s intuitive platform allows you to customise your campaigns to create a consistent user experience—no technical skills required


Question, test, and position content in an interactive way to pique the interest of your audience. The quiz format allows you to position products in a different light and can be conceptualised to fit your business’ needs.


One of the most powerful drivers of high-quality leads for B2B businesses. The calculator format satisfies audience curiosity while highlighting your brand’s unique selling points in an engaging way.

Personality Test

People love to test themselves and their knowledge. Adopting different personality or product matches allows you to create personalized buyer journeys that are high converting and provide greater insights into your audience.


Define, trigger, and deploy timely, customized forms with clear CTAs that suit your goals. With the form format, all gathered data can be easily integrated with your preferred email or CRM system.

Easily integrate Scratcher with your marketing tech stack

Connect with 3000+ web apps using our native integrations or Zapier

Get marketing and sales aligned with high quality leads through targeted data collection

Let’s find the right solution for your business

Our team wants you to succeed with Scratcher! We will develop the perfect program to help you meet your business’ goals. You will have access to:

  • Our intuitive platform for interactive content
  • A dedicated business partner to discuss how you can achieve the best results with gamification
  • An in-depth onboarding program and 24/7 support from our Customer Success team


How is gamification used in B2B?

Gamification can be used in a number of ways by B2B companies. This can include training and onboarding activities, incentivising customer engagement and experience, or loyalty and rewards programs.

How long does it take to create a gamified campaign?

It varies from campaign to campaign, but once you’ve become familiar with the Scratcher platform it can take you anywhere from ½ to 2 hours to create your perfect campaign.

Do I need to know how to code to use the Scratcher platform?

No, not at all. Our user-friendly, drag and drop campaign editor makes it simple to bring your ideas to life in a fun and interactive way—no coding required!

Can I integrate Scratcher with my company’s website?

Yes, campaigns can easily be added to your designated landing page via individualised iFrame/embed codes.

Can Scratcher help me build campaigns?

Yes, we can provide a campaign building service. Contact Scratcher’s support team to help us better understand your needs.

Can I integrate the data collected with our own CRM or email system?

Yes, it’s simple to connect Scratcher to your marketing tech stack, map the fields, and transfer the data you want. Learn more about our integrations here.

Does Scratcher have a customer support channel available?

Yes, check out our help centre or reach out to our support team here. We’re proud to have an average satisfaction score of 95% and will typically reply in under 10 minutes!