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Why is lead generation so powerful with gamification?

Gamifying lead generation creates a value-adding experience out of an otherwise dull process

Lead gen

Activate your funnel with interactive campaigns

Gamification is an excellent way to attract attention and keep customers coming back.

Let’s face it – no one mindlessly enters their name into a signup form! But, what if you made your approach to lead generation fun and entertaining? A reward in exchange for a name and email, a discount code for a phone number and demographic. With engaging content and interactive tools, you can entice your audience and see an increased rate of conversion at all stages of your marketing funnel.

lead gen

35% Conversion rate

An effective tool with high conversion

To convert at a high rate, lead generation must give more than it takes. Gamification builds on the power of reciprocity – when people receive something, they feel obligated to return the favour. With an immediate reward in return for valuable customer information, interactive experiences are a hard offer to refuse.

What is the secret for high conversion when using gamification?

From the science side of things, the instant gratification of a reward taps into our brain’s dopamine response. The production of dopamine inspires a positive association with whoever has given us the reward and leaves us more inclined to remember and seek out the experience again.

Humans ultimately like to be rewarded! We like to be challenged and accomplish goals. With interactive experiences, there is value in each outcome and we engage to succeed.

How can Scratcher help you generate more leads?

With more than 10,000,000 leads generated, our knowledgeable team can help you create fun and engaging campaigns that will generate new permissions and transform idle prospects into engaged leads at any stage of your marketing funnel.

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