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Gamification Marketing for Ecommerce

Increase webshop traffic, convert visitors into customers, and gain deeper insights during the pre-purchase phase. Boost your marketing efforts by adding an interactive layer to your campaigns. ​


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Engage with visitors and capture data

Be memorable in a world full of noise

Holiday seasons are some of the most critical times to engage your customers. However, it can be challenging as everyone is vying for attention, and advertisements peak during crucial seasons like Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. A Gamified Advent Calendar is an excellent tool to count down the days until the big prize is revealed and drive customers back to your website, app, or social media multiple times during these highly competitive marketing periods.

Improve your customer knowledge thanks to accurate data collected via interactive content. Then, use these insights to deliver segment-based offers and customised communications, like product recommendations. Finally, feed your marketing tools (CRM, CDP, DMP) with customer data and leverage a data-driven marketing strategy.

Re-engage visitors who are about to leave, with an interactive pop-up offering a chance to participate and win a discount or extra gift. This drives the desire to claim their prize and incentivizes your users to stay at the webshop.

Personalize and convert them into shoppers

Maximize sales within your current budget

Help your visitors choose the right products, boost your conversion rates, and reduce the returns rate caused by uninformed choices.  

Use Scratcher’s interactive formats designed to facilitate the sale of challenging products such as jeans, TVs, creams, or sneakers. 

Add some interaction to your webshop with more than 20 formats to help you convert your visitors faster while engaging them and offering a nice shopping experience.

Spin the Wheel, Mystery Box, Slot Machine, Scratchcard are some of the game formats used to provide incentives like discounts to increase your inmediat sales.

Instead of simply offering a discount for signing up, encourage your visitors to engage in an interactive experience where they register, participate, and have the chance to win the discount. This not only keeps your customers more engaged with your brand but also provides you with valuable insights into their interests and needs.

Brand loyalty pays off

Retain your customers and keep them coming back

Loyal customers are the backbone of your business. Reward them for all types of interactions they have with your brand, like order volumns, taking part in a contest, or subscribing to your newsletter. Build interactive campaigns just for them!

Personalize your customers’ experiences with your brand to increase newsletter open and click rates, ultimately boosting your sales. Scratcher’s data enrichment interactive formats are designed to help you nurture your database with customer preferences. When paired with a CRM or CDP, these formats can effectively engage customers and provide valuable insights into their interests.

Convert occasional shoppers into brand club members. Use gamification marketing to promote your membership programs and increase subscription rates. Make them feel special with campaigns designed for a selected group. Loyalty programs, which recognize and reward long-term patrons, help retain customers and increase your revenue through captivating incentives.

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It’s easy to make a campaign – even if you’re not a designer. 


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Connecting Scratcher to your marketing tech stack is easy – simply map the fields and transfer the data you want. With over 120 direct integrations and the flexibility of Zapier, you can access and sync with over 3,000 tools and web apps.

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