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Customer case

How gamified campaigns are reshaping retail activation marketing

Conversion rates beyond expectations: When Nova Vista introduced Scratcher’s gamified experiences, they set their sights on a 50% conversion rate. The reality? 89%. 

About the company

Marketing Agency

Nova Vista is a communications agency that uses a wide range of services to create unique concepts and good results for their customers. Nova Vista is part of the Ahead Group with more than 150 specialists in marketing and communication in Norway, and over 450 employees in the Nordics. Here you will find everything from designers, production teams and creators to strategists and MarTech environments.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, one thing has become abundantly clear: traditional methods no longer cut it. The key to engaging today’s audience lies in interactivity, and nobody understands this better than Nova Vista, a leading marketing agency in Norway, working with powerhouse brands like Pepsi Max, 7Up, Rema 1000, and Audi.

We interviewed Adrian Holten Sletvold, Advisor at Nova Vista, and asked him to share some insights based on his experience with gamification marketing in retail activation. 

During brand activations, Nova Vista used fun activities like games and challenges, such as Wheel of Fortune and bottle flipping. These activities were spontaneous and didn’t have any further steps. They were meant to be quick and enjoyable while also promoting the product. The main goal was to engage consumers and let them try the product firsthand, making sure as many people as possible got to experience it.

One major hurdle with physical activities, such as the Wheel of Fortune, was handling long lines and wait times. Efforts were made to guarantee a positive experience for everyone involved. 

Nova Vista's exploration of gamification marketing with Scratcher

Discovering Scratcher platform revolutionised Nova Vista’s approach to gamification marketing, enabling a world of possibilities that previous digital solutions couldn’t match in terms of ease and innovation.

In regular team meetings at Nova Vista, Adrian delves into exploring new tools for potential utilisation. Among these discoveries, Scratcher stood out. Adrian was intrigued by the Wheel of Fortune game format, recognizing its potential to engage a vast audience simultaneously, unbounded by physical space or time constraints. His focus shifted from immediate physical interaction to the long-term benefits for participants post-activation.

Opting for the digital version over a physical wheel proved to be more efficient for Nova Vista. The platform allowed them to seamlessly execute campaigns, conduct product sampling, and more—all consolidated within a single space. As they delved deeper into Scratcher, they were surprised to find that operating the Wheel of Fortune didn’t demand a tech expert. Gone were the days of grappling with intricate coding or relying on advanced IT professionals for assistance. Nova Vista could manage it autonomously, collaborating with a designer. This not only saved substantial costs but also streamlined their processes, saving valuable time.

“I think everyone can do this. It’s so basic, it’s so uncomplicated. It’s very easy to just make your own campaign awesome.” shares Adrian.

Using the digital Wheel of Fortune greatly expanded their reach compared to the physical version. With the traditional wheel, they could engage with only about 25 to 30 people per hour. However, with the digital wheel, over 11,000 people were able to participate and at the same time, allowing them to share information more widely.

They utilised the digital wheel in two different campaigns. One was entirely digital, while the other involved people scanning QR codes while they were out and about. The advantage about the digital wheel is that it offers them a chance to communicate with participants as they spin the wheel and provide their information. This interaction was limited during the physical activations, where people were less inclined to engage in conversation. With the digital version, they can cheer people on as they play, creating a lively atmosphere and reaching even more individuals as they participate from various locations.

Overcoming scepticism about gamification marketing, especially among older demographics, proved to be a challenge. However, Adrian believes that trying it out is the key. 

“Gaming has become a part of everyday life, across generations. Whether it’s Sudoku or Call of Duty, everyone enjoys a good game. Marketing shouldn’t be any different.”

To those hesitant about gamification marketing, Adrian’s advice is simple: dive in, explore the platform, and understand its potential. The world of marketing is evolving, and gamification marketing is your ticket to staying ahead of the game.

"Scratcher helped us bridge the gap between physical and digital engagement effortlessly. We achieved a staggering 89% conversion rate compared to the 50% we aimed for. It's not just about the game; it's about creating an experience that resonates."
Adrian Holten Sletvold
Adrian Holten Sletvold
Advisor at Nova Vista

Extra Insights

  • Conversion rates beyond expectations: When Nova Vista introduced Scratcher’s gamified experiences, they set their sights on a 50% conversion rate. The reality? 89%. This significant increase not only surpassed their goals but underlined the effectiveness of gamification marketing in encouraging audience participation and brand interaction.


  • Increased the audience reach: In the physical world, Nova Vista’s activities could engage around 25 to 30 people per hour. However, the interactive shift increased their reach. Approximately 11,000 participants engaged with the Wheel of Fortune digitally. This exponential growth showcases the scalability of gamification marketing, allowing Nova Vista to connect with a substantially larger audience.


  • Streamlined engagement: The shift to gamification marketing not only eliminated the queues but also allowed Nova Vista to engage with participants more effectively. By optimising their processes, they reduced waiting times, ensuring that every minute spent with the audience was maximised for positive brand experiences.


  • Cost-Effectiveness and time efficiency: Developing an gamification experience might seem like a complex, time-consuming task, but not with Scratcher. Nova Vista found a cost-effective solution in the platform, eliminating the need for expensive developers. Adrian Holten Sletvold emphasised the ease of use, highlighting how it saved both time and money, making gamification marketing an accessible strategy for businesses of all sizes.


  • Enhanced communication: gamification marketing facilitated meaningful two-way communication. Nova Vista could interact with participants during the gamified experiences, fostering connections that were not limited by physical boundaries. This enhanced communication added a personal touch to their campaigns, leaving a lasting impression on participants.

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