Scratcher contains a wealth of useful features. Read on on this page and learn how to use the platform to its fullest
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Campaign Editor

Our campaign editor can be used by everyone. The smart tool is divided into 5 steps, from the lifetime of the campaign and prizes to the the design of the campaign. Upload your material and use it to tailor the campaigns to match the purpose and company brand.


Select the campaign lifetime and the prizes you want. You can add consolation prizes and redeem coupon codes to your webshop or store.


Start from one of our pre-made themes, or design your own campaign. We have made a number of themes for each of the games.


Upload your own prize icons, backgrounds and take advantage of the many resale and marketing options.



The prizes are the key to increased traffic and sales and are therefore an important part of the campaign setup. You choose which and how many prizes you want. Also add consolation prizes and draw customers to your webshop or physical store by distributing coupon codes on selected products.

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Instant win

Unlike ordinary competitions where it may take several weeks before the winner is revealed, customers will be notified immediately. It creates a positive experience with your brand from the start.


With the opportunity to create consolation prizes, you can create vouchers that your customers can use to purchase products on your website or your physical store.

Prize types

Add a main prize, draw prizes and consolation prizes to your campaign. It's all about creating permissions, traffic and leads in an effective and fun way.

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Statistics & Data

Your campaigns collect important data on your participants so you can segment your audience in the future and be even better at marketing your business.

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Live stats

Follow your campaigns live and see how they perform. View visitor numbers, conversion rates, and number of participants. That way, you always have control over whether or not the campaign needs additional marketing.

Participant data

All data is recorded on each participant and you will continuously be able to work to collect more data on each of your customers. See where and when your customers interact with your campaigns.

Campaign data

Once your campaigns are completed, you can see how they've performed. Compare your previous campaigns and see what works to make your future campaigns even more successful.

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Scratcher is the tool for you if you want to market your business in a fun, different and inexpensive way for new and existing customers.

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