Scratcher has the most user-friendly platform on the market with endless possibilities

Design editor

User-friendly design editor that can be used by anyone, easily and easily set up campaigns and again requires programmer. Scratchers editor is divided into 5 simple steps. Upload your material and paste texts, fonts and effects. Then you're ready to go live with your campaign.

Campaign Settings

Choose from several different options on your campaign settings. How many times people should be able to participate, how should the campaign flow be, where you would like the campaign to appear. Customize settings for your campaign and concept.


The prizes are the key to increased traffic and sales and are therefore an important part of the campaign setup. You choose which and how many prizes you want. Also add consolation prizes and draw customers to your webshop or physical store by distributing coupon codes on selected products.

Send e-mails

Set up emails that are sent out immediately after people have attended. This way you can send them their prize, discount code or information about the campaign. Get higher results with your campaign by sending out emails.

Statistics & Data

Live data updates, monitor visitor traffic, attendees and conversions daily. Your campaigns collect important data on your participants so that you can segment your target audience in the future and be even sharper in marketing your business.

Scratcher is the tool for you if you want to market your business in a fun, different and inexpensive way for new and existing customers.

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