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Gamification Marketing in the Furniture Industry

Gamification marketing allows you to collect data about your customers’ favourites and general product preferences in an entertaining way. Give your audience different choices in your game and analyse which ones are more attractive and less attractive.

Create an interplay between a physical in-store element and a digital presence, giving customers a varied experience with your brand.

Through user-friendly and fun game campaigns, you can create a memorable experience and generate greater interaction with both new and potential customers.

How others are doing it

BOBO is an online furniture store with a wide range of different brands. They use gamification to create considerable visibility and engagement among their target audience. One example of this was a campaign where the objective was to acquire a substantial amount of new leads for their newsletter list, in order to nurture the leads to move down their funnel from “awareness” to “action”.

A high conversion game initiative in the form of the Wheel of Fortune was used for this campaign to generate leads. BOBO created impressive traction! They made sure that the game was visible on the front page of their website and supported by pop-ups and page banners. Their Facebook and Instagram channels were also used to promote the gamification campaign.

The results from this campaign were extremely positive for BOBO. They gained increased visibility as well as a great number of leads at an all-time low price per lead.

0 +


A player only counts as one,
no matter how many times they play the game.



BOBO paid 0,18 EUR per qualified lead – that’s their all-time lowest price per lead.

0 X


This was BOBO’s first real Scratcher campaign, giving them quick results and a super scalable model!

Benefits of gamification marketing in furniture industry

Ultimately gamification marketing is all about keeping your customers engaged and having positive experiences with your store. It doesn’t have to mean developing a new app or designing complex, sophisticated games. A simple gamification campaign can go a long way to grab your customers’ attention.

Gamification marketing helps form a smiling community, which can boost engagement and communication, providing furniture retailers with insights about customer preferences and perspectives.

What's Next?

If done right, gamification will capture users’ attention and increase their commitment to a purchase transaction.

Are you looking for a new way to engage with your customers, or want to find ways to keep them coming back? Gamification marketing may be the answer.

Create a free account today and our team will help you get started using gamification marketing in your business.

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