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Create new business and upsell opportunities with interactive marketing.




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Create new business and upsell opportunities with interactive marketing.

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Customer success stories

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Reached their target audience

259% ROI including marketing spend, cost of prizes, and the cost of Scratcher.

Qualified more leads

After 6 months, 82% are still subscribed to the newsletter.

Improved lead generation

34.000 unique participants which led to 21.000 new unique sign-ups.

Embrace the power of gamification

No matter your goal – to generate leads, enhance loyalty, promote products, or drive sales – gamification can work for you.

Boost your sales

Increase your sales with introductory rewards, discount offers, and loyalty programs.

Retain loyalty

Build a memorable customer experience and strengthen the emotional connection your audience has with your brand.

Increase reach

Attract new customers, turn idle prospects into engaged leads, and strengthen your existing community.

Create, design, and launch campaigns in no time

Our user-friendly, drag-and-drop design editor makes it simple to bring your ideas to life in a fun and interactive way.

Pick between 20+ game formats that have been carefully developed to achieve different marketing goals.

Use custom fonts, sounds, and branding to create a fun and uniquely branded experience.

Start building your campaigns with our user-friendly campaign editor and bring your ideas to life.

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Incentivise your customer journey with rewards, from introductory discounts to physical prizes, consolation vouchers to loyalty points.

Create flexible, branded templates to send your participants their prizes, discount codes, or campaign information.

Track conversions, traffic, and interactions with precision and discover which game formats generate the best results for your brand.

Create a game for every stage of your marketing funnel

Scratcher allows you to easily collect data, insights, and permissions from new and current customers faster, more efficiently, and with greater conversion rates.