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Customer case

BonBon-Land: Transforming consumers engagement while driving revenue

Participants spent 71 hours, 14 minutes, and 34 seconds engaging with the brand, underscoring the interactive campaign’s substantial impact and success in capturing audience attention.


BonBon-Land is a Danish amusement park located in Holme-Olstrup in the South of Zealand, about 100 km from Copenhagen.

BonBon-Land Interactive Story

In recent years, BonBon-Land, a popular amusement park located at Holme-Olstrup, Denmark, has been using the Scratcher platform to improve its engagement strategies.

We spoke with Mette Frimodt Rasmussen, the commercial director of BonBon-Land, overseeing the park’s sales and marketing team for the past nine years. Our conversation covered their recent campaigns and the use of Scratcher’s platform in their marketing strategies.

During the latest interactive marketing campaign, BonBon-Land achieved remarkable outcomes in just one month. With extra investment in paid ads, the campaign attracted 49,027 unique visitors and involved 13,746 participants, boasting an impressive 28% conversion rate, leading to 274 winners. Additionally, participants collectively spent 71 hours, 14 minutes, and 34 seconds engaging with the brand, underscoring the campaign’s substantial impact and success in capturing audience attention.

BonBon-Land used the interactive game format “Scratchcard” to stimulate demand and attract new visitors to the park. Their strategy involved offering the possibility to win free tickets and promo codes (as consolation prizes) to participants who didn’t win. This approach has resulted in increased ticket sales.


To companies considering interactive marketing, Mette emphasises the importance of fully committing to the strategy. She advises investing both resources and effort to make the most out of it.

“At our company, interactive marketing fits seamlessly into what our visitors expect. We provide various experiences. For example, in Copenhagen, people heard about BonBon-Land but might not fully know it. To bridge this gap, we show short videos and ask questions, encouraging visitors to explore our park and stay updated.”
Mette Frimodt Rasmussen
Commercial Director of BonBon-Land

Key insights and strategies: unveiling BonBon-Land’s interactive marketing success

  • Strategic integration: BonBon-Land discovered that interactive marketing cannot stand alone as an isolated marketing effort. When integrated within their paid media digital campaigns, it yielded substantial results. Investing resources, both financial and strategic, was essential to amplify the impact and generate new leads effectively.
  • Seasonal dynamics: BonBon-Land observed varying levels of success based on the timing of their campaigns. High seasons proved significantly more fruitful than low seasons, emphasising the importance of aligning interactive marketing initiatives with peak visitor periods. Understanding these and the flow of customer engagement allowed them to optimise their strategies accordingly.
  • Consolation prizes as sales drivers: BonBon-Land implemented a clever tactic for non-winning participants. Offering a 20% promo code for ticket purchases up to a certain limit, they converted disappointments into opportunities. This approach not only retained customer interest but also resulted in substantial sales.
  • Data-driven decisions: Data-driven decisions: BonBon-Land looked at participant numbers, ticket sales, and coupon usage rates to understand the interactive campaigns impact. Out of 13,746 participants, about 9% used the consolation prizes, showing how their interactive marketing influenced consumer behaviour.
  • Prize redeeming rate: Among the 400 prizes offered, 116 were claimed, showing that people found them valuable. This not only proved their marketing strategy worked but also gave insights for future campaigns.

BonBon-Land’s experience highlights the importance of smartly incorporating interactive marketing, adjusting to seasonal changes, providing appealing consolation prizes, and using data-driven insights for ongoing enhancement. These lessons act as a guide for businesses looking to implement interactive marketing effectively, boosting customer engagement and delivering real results.

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