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Customer case

Davidsen gained 5.400 subscribers from a single anniversary campaign

To celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary, Davidsen implemented gamification marketing in their webshop—resulting in increased traffic on their online and offline channels.

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Davidsen is a Danish hardware store that offers a wide range of products within timber and construction. This brand has developed to be among Denmark’s largest suppliers to the construction industry with more than 1.000 employees and a total turnover of €500+ million.

Success for Davidsen's 75th anniversary!

On several occasions, the Davidsen shop has used Scratcher’s platform to enrich its database with new leads. With gamification marketing, they focus on increasing engagement both in-store and on their webshop as well as collecting email permissions among their existing and potential customers.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Davidsen used a Spin the Wheel game format, both their online and physical stores, to successfully gather email permissions from both existing and potential customers. The campaign not only celebrated the milestone but also significantly enhanced their marketing efforts. Online, it attracted almost 12,000 unique visitors with a 42% conversion rate, translating to almost 5,400 new subscribers.

Reflecting on the cost-effectiveness of such a strategy, one might consider the potential expenses for acquiring a similar number of relevant leads. Davidsen's experience underscores the value of well-crafted campaigns, supported by tools like Scratcher, which in 2019, helped set up and design these high-converting campaigns, achieving impressive engagement and click rates through their newsletters.

“Scratcher is very service minded and we are proud of the results we have created through our campaigns. In 2019, Scratcher was responsible for designing and setting up our campaigns. They focused on solutions that suited our needs and desires. With great success, we achieved high conversion rates and impressive click rates through our newsletters. That is why we have chosen to continue the cooperation with an annual license in 2020.”
Davidsen Marketing Manager

Anniversary Campaign Results

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