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Game on for B2B Growth: Scandinavian Print Group's Gamification Strategy

Today, we explore the innovative marketing landscape at Scandinavian Print Group through the lens of Astrid van der Sterren, who masterfully balances the promotion of 18 brands across multiple countries.

Scandinavian Print Group

Scandinavian Print Group provides printing services of all kinds based on intelligent IT solutions. With more than 700 employees, a turnover of over half a billion and with branches around Scandinavia, they are Scandinavia's largest graphic company.

The 'Lemming effect'

Astrid approaches this challenge with a clear strategy, prioritizing efforts based on market impact and brand recognition, and we are happy to say that part of their success lies in the strategic use of gamification marketing to enhance customer engagement and lead generation.

Astrid and her team use interactive elements such as “Spin the Wheel”, “Advent Calendar”, “Mystery Box”, “Quizzes”, etc. to transform traditional marketing channels into dynamic platforms for customer interaction. This approach has proven to be particularly effective at trade fairs, where they create engaging experiences that attract and retain visitor attention.

In an era increasingly dominated by digital strategies, Scandinavian Print Group holds a distinct perspective. Astrid and her team advocate for the value of direct mail, demonstrating through their actions that traditional print methods can still significantly cut through the digital noise.

Offline marketing activities, particularly at fairs across Denmark, Sweden, and Germany, play a vital role in their strategy as well. Astrid describes how the physical presence at fairs, combined with strategic direct mail, helps maintain a high-profile brand presence. The integration of interactive elements at fairs, facilitated by tools like Scratcher, enhances visitor engagement, turning passive observers into active participants.

"People want to connect and be entertained at fairs. A game is very good at creating that 'Lemming effect'—more people standing at one spot attracts more people. The game makes it easier to connect and have a chat, or give away free branding-souvenirs. Making that connection gives an indispensable branding effect."

One key to their successful use of gamification is tailoring game elements to fit the various brands in the group and target audiences. For example, they launched a gamified campaign aimed at book publishers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany using a “Quiz” format that included questions about paper production and sustainability. Participants could test their knowledge and enter a raffle to win a 400 euro voucher for their next book production with the brand. This campaign not only educated participants about the brand's eco-friendly practices but also offered significant monetary rewards. By adopting green practices, the company benefits the environment and reduces production costs. The campaign collected valuable data and offered discounts on book production as prizes, effectively aligning with the audience's values and interests while boosting engagement and building brand loyalty.'

“The key takeaway from using Scratcher is its crucial role in adapting to fit the brand. This flexibility allows us to create campaigns that are not only on-brand but also specifically designed for our audience to maximize success. We find it to be an extremely effective tool that can be customized exactly to our preferences.”
Astrid van der Sterren
Head of Marketing at Scandinavian Print Group

Strategic Integration Across Channels

Astrid's strategy involves integrating gamification with traditional marketing tactics to create a cohesive user experience. By embedding QR codes and unique landing pages in direct mail pieces, they not only measure engagement but also maintain a seamless interaction loop. Participants are drawn from physical mail to online platforms, where they can engage further with the brand through interactive content.

The effectiveness of gamification is continually assessed through detailed tracking and analysis. Astrid mentions specific campaigns where direct mail was used to re-engage past customers, leading to significant revenue generation. This data-driven approach allows the team to tweak and refine their tactics, ensuring that each campaign is more successful than the last.

“The effectiveness of a product often depends on the specific campaign it's being used for. Overall, it's an easy tool to use, especially with its robust chat function that makes it simple to receive assistance when you can't find a specific feature. Another advantage is its compatibility with Photoshop templates, which enhances usability.”

Despite the challenges of aligning playful elements with a B2B brand image, Scandinavian Print Group has managed to strike the right balance, ensuring that their gamified content is both appropriate and effective. The integration of gamification marketing does not dilute the brand's professional image but instead enhances customer interactions by making them more memorable and enjoyable.

In summary, Astrid's use of gamification at Scandinavian Print Group exemplifies how traditional and digital marketing strategies can be effectively integrated. In a marketing landscape increasingly driven by performance metrics and a focus on revenue, the importance of emotion-evoking branding remains significant. While performance marketing aims to drive immediate sales through direct and measurable actions, emotional branding strives to establish deeper, lasting connections with consumers. By engaging customers through thoughtfully designed games and interactive content, the Group not only distinguishes itself in a competitive market but also fosters enduring relationships with its audience.

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