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Gamification Marketing in Retail: Connecting online and in-store experiences

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Andrea Edström, Ecommerce Country Manager for Deichmann in the Nordics, about how they have implemented gamification campaigns to drive business growth and engagement.

Deichmann (2)

Deichmann is one of Europe's leading shoe companies, with over 4,700 stores across the continent.

How offline channels benefits from implementing gamification

It’s clear that merging online and in-store campaigns is a game-changer for retailers. A recent chat with Andrea from Deichmann confirmed this. Andrea's journey with Deichmann since 2018 shows a dynamic shift in retail focus towards online platforms. Let's talk about how gamification and omnichannel strategies can lead to retail success.

Andrea shared that some of Deichmann’s most effective gamified campaigns have tied their online presence with in-store activations. This omni-channel approach where campaigns leverage both digital and physical touchpoints sees much higher engagement levels. Specifically, their "Spin and Win" games formats that have posters and QR codes in stores linking to the online games tend to perform
very well.

"It raises awareness and engagement, and also improves our visibility and understanding of who our customers are in the physical stores, especially during times when there's already activity around them, since it attracts attention and sparks curiosity."


Tying digital campaigns to higher traffic physical locations taps into the strengths of both channels. The key is making sure the campaign messaging is consistent across channels so customers recognize it as one integrated experience.


While increased brand awareness and website traffic are useful metrics, Deichmann’s primary measure of success with gamification campaigns has been new lead generation. Over their years leveraging Scratcher and gamification campaigns, they’ve seen substantial additions to their direct marketing subscriber lists.


According to the numbers: With Deichmann initial campaigns, they saw a 60% increase in leads, and they retained 70% of those generated through gamification. As many marketers can surely relate to, growing high-quality marketing lists sustains long-term success, so gamification has become an important channel for Deichmann’s growth.

“I find the Scratcher platform intuitive to use, and the support is always accessible. You’ve been incredibly helpful at all times, especially when I was new and experimenting with different formats. I also frequently use the chat function for quick and easy help, which is very efficient.”
Andrea Edström
Ecommerce Country Manager for Deichmann in the Nordics

Results from the latest Christmas Campaign

Advice for successful retail gamification

When considering adding gamification to retail, Andrea stresses the importance of a deep understanding of your target audience. The incentives and rewards should align with what genuinely motivates your customers to engage. Andrea's mantra is simple: "Make it super fun and easy."


It's crucial to monitor and iterate your campaigns based on performance to optimise engagement levels. However, be careful not to overwhelm your customers with excessive gamification promotions. When used effectively, gamification should enhance the customer experience, not detract from it.

Andrea's favourite was the "drop game" campaign, which turned out to be a hit due to its engaging and viral nature, making it perfect for mobile audiences where most interactions occur. She values this format for its fun and functional blend, adaptability, and visual appeal.


In conclusion, the most impactful campaigns are those that engage on multiple levels: they capture leads, strengthen  the brand, and provide a fun, seamless experience, particularly on mobile platforms. Andrea also emphasises that games offering voucher codes as prizes have significant potential to drive conversions.


For retailers considering gamification, the key is not to rush. It's about aligning the game closely with your brand's activities and ensuring it connects with your audience, transforming  a simple game into a community-building tool.

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