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Customer case

Huge success for Red Barnet Fund

For their Christmas campaign, Red Barnet used gamification marketing to raise awareness about their mission.



Red Barnet n is Denmark’s largest children’s rights organisation. This NGO has more than 2,000 volunteers in Denmark who play an important role in their annual national collection, where there are typically around 10,000 registered collectors.

This NGO created a quiz with 5 questions about their international work.

The quiz was developed by Red Barnet's in-house creative team in collaboration with the Scratcher team. It was released on Red Barnet’s digital platform, with HUAWEI providing prizes for the winners.

An effective way to generate leads at a low cost

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the Red Barnet Campaign

1. Engagement Rate: They measure how effectively the quiz engages potential donors.
- Metrics: Number of quiz participants, average time spent on the quiz, and completion rate.


2. Lead Collection & Conversion Rate: To assess the effectiveness of the quiz in collecting leads and converting them into potential donors.
- Metrics: Number of leads collected through the quiz, conversion rate from quiz participants to newsletter sign-ups or donations, and follow-up engagement metrics (e.g., email open rates, click-through rates).


3. Certificate Sales: To evaluate the success of the campaign in driving sales of gift certificates in Red Barnet’s webshop.
- Metrics: Number of gift certificates sold, revenue generated from gift certificate sales, and the impact of tactical messages on sales conversion rates.

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