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Customer case

Jacobsen Møbler's member’s club grows from 25K to 120K with interactive campaigns

the Danish furniture retailer achieved 380% growth in loyalty club members through their year-round activation campaigns using the Scratcher’S Platform.

About Company

About Jacobsen Møbler: renowned for its high-quality furniture and inspiring interior designs, originated as a physical store has now expanded online, offering a vast range of products to a broader audience.

In a single campaign for the brand's anniversary, they acquired 4,000 new loyalty club members 🛋️





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Jacobsen Møbler's year-round interactive campaigns.

In a recent conversation, Camila Skelgaard, the Digital Marketer at Jacobsen Mobler, detailed her experiences utilizing the Scratcher Platform to create interactive, year-round marketing campaigns. The furniture retailer brand’s primary goal was to engage and connect with customers while simultaneously increasing brand data to improve the customers experience with the brand.


Camila had been using Scratcher for approximately two years. The platform was adopted by the company even before Camila joined. She emphasized how Scratcher enabled the brand to generate leads in a fun and innovative manner. Jacobsen Mobler’s product range includes indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, and home accessories, providing a wide array of items for promotion through these campaigns.


Under Camila’s guidance, Jacobsen Mobler experienced a remarkable 380% growth in their loyalty club membership, escalating from 25,000 to approximately 120,000 members. A significant portion of this growth was attributed to the effective use of Scratcher’s interactive campaigns. This increase played a pivotal role in expanding the brand’s newsletter subscriptions and personalizing customer experiences.


Camila’s strategic use of Scratcher involved various campaign formats like the Wheel of Fortune, Personality Tests, Mystery Boxes, Scratch Cards, Quizzes and more. She tailored these campaigns to align with seasonal events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Black Friday, ensuring year-round engagement.


One of the most successful campaigns was the brand’s birthday event, which boasted a 45% conversion rate and generated 14,704 participants, and 4,000 new members to the brand loyalty club. This campaign featured a recognizable furniture piece as a prize, sparking considerable interest and engagement.


Reflecting on the effectiveness of these campaigns, Camila revealed that after the campaigns finished most participants remained as members of the loyalty club, continually inspired by Jacobsen Mobler’s offerings.


Camila’s experience with Scratcher Platform at Jacobsen Mobler illustrates the potential of interactive marketing in engaging customers, generating leads, and boosting brand loyalty. Her strategic use of the platform for year-round campaigns has not only increased the brand’s member base but also fostered a deeper connection with its audience.

"Scratcher’s platform is incredibly user-friendly. It's an excellent tool for broadening our reach, seamlessly integrating with our website and email marketing. It has significantly impacted our lead generation and increased the loyalty club members."
Camilla Skelgaard
Digital Marketing Specialist

Planning and executing a successful interactive marketing campaign

A key success factor Camila highlighted was the platform’s user-friendliness and its seamless integration with the company’s website and email marketing strategies. 


Regarding campaign development, Camila worked mostly independently on the Scratcher platform, mentioning that it could take as little as a day to organize a campaign or up to a week for more complex ones like an advent calendar for a Christmas seasonal campaign.


In terms of marketing strategies, Camila utilized a mix of organic posts on social media platforms, advertising, newsletters, and member magazines to promote these interactive campaigns. She also employed website pop-ups to enhance participation.


Camila suggests incorporating GIFs into the creative materials for campaign activation across social media, advertisements, and email marketing. During the anniversary campaign, the open rate achieved an average of  70% across all email communications throughout the campaign period.

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