Watery celebrated its 5th anniversary
with success!

To celebrate, the company implemented Wheel of Fortune on the webshop.
The campaign’s result reached a 41% conversion rate and an increase in newsletter signups.

two iPads, one with a spin a wheel in the foreground, a swimming pool in the background, with danish flags. the other features the potenital prizes of the spin a wheel

Background Information about Watery

Watery is a danish webshop, that offers a wide range of products within swimming and water activities across Denmark, Sweden, and internationally.

They started 5 years ago and now are a team of 25 with rapid growth. To help this growth, they have throughout the last 2 years, worked together with Scratcher to increase the traffic to their website and get more sign-ups for the newsletter.



“We quickly found out that it made more sense for us to send the customers to a fun Scratcher page than just a popup – we got 21% more subscribers from it over a month.” said one of the Watery marketeers.


Customers had an opportunity to win free products throughout the birthday celebration, spinning the wheel.

a desktop with the result of the spin a wheel, air ballon on the background, swimming pool with danish flags on the background
dashboard of the platform on a laptop. trends and colorful graphs

Campaign results

Watery managed to get 17500 clicks in the period of the campaign with approximately 7200 clicks on the posting. That gave them a converting rate of 41% which is very satisfying.

Customer statement

“I actually hate SAAS tools. For the most. There are too many, that do the same – and they cost a fortune. With that in mind, it’s actually quite saying to Scratchers product that we have used and paid for them through 2 years and still do. Only because it’s good business for us and our visitors across our sites can get an engaging experience every time, often with a new playful element instead of always buy, buy, buy. And a little thing, but the big thing for me: We have managed it totally alone. So the interface is easy for everyone.”

Watery logo. blue sails, blue inscription