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Scratcher is a great tool if you want to make game campaigns for your customers. We work closely with the agency industry because it ensures that customers' campaigns perform best with the other marketing activities and, most importantly, creates value in the marketing mix.
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Agency Agreement

With this agreement, you can make campaigns all year round for your customers. The agreement involves training, counseling, sparring, technical assistance and support.

First Campaign

We help you with your first campaign with planning, production, design, data collection and reporting. We ensure that you get acquainted with the Scratcher platform and get started on the right foot, so you achieve the goal of the campaign.

The key to success

Content is king and our tool is not enough to be successful. Design and communication is the difference between a successful campaign and therefore we need your creative skills.

We work with many types of agencies

Get an agency account

Get started quickly as an agency partner. Apply today and get a response within 24 hours. Before we activate the account, we will take a skype or physical meeting where we introduce you to all the possibilities of the agency agreement.

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Become a certified agency partner

It requires a bit to become a certified agency partner, but once you become one, there are a lot of attractive benefits for your agency. Contact us and learn more about how to become a certified agency partner.

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Scratcher has developed one of the market's best platform for marketing with proven high performance and conversion rates.

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