Gamifying better eCommerce results through interactive UX - THE ECOMMERCE EDGE

Scratcher’s CCO Nikolaj Skarbye joins THE ECOMMERCE EDGE host Jason Greenwood to discuss e-commerce gamification and how brands of all shapes and sizes can increase engagement via Quiz Commerce.

Jason Greenwood is the creator and host of THE ECOMMERCE EDGE podcast. While there are quite a few e-commerce podcasts out there, most focus on the marketing or merchant/retailer aspects of the field. He saw a gap in the market for a podcast by a “doist” versus a “theorist”. In this podcast, Greenwood focuses on the tech and trends in e-commerce through the lens of a technical specialist and solution architect.

Greenwood has been working in digital and e-commerce in ANZ (Australia & New Zealand) for 20+ years across pure-play, retailer, and agency. Most of his career has been spent working at the intersect of business, technology and marketing.