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Activating success: The key phase after creating your interactive marketing campaign


In interactive marketing, creating a campaign is just the start. You’ve put a lot of thought into every part, like picking the right activities, branding, prizes, and when people can join in. But the most important step is what comes next – activation. Activation is what makes your campaign really work and succeed. 



The essence of activation is about bringing your campaign to life in the minds and hearts of your audience. It’s the process of turning your well-crafted plans into action and ensuring that your audience not only notices but engages with your campaign.


As a marketer you already know how important it is to make the noise in the right places…


The first step in activation is getting the word out. Utilise every relevant channel – social media, paid ads, email marketing, your website, interactive pop-ups, and even offline methods if they resonate with your audience. The key is to create a buzz that’s impossible to ignore, drawing your audience into the campaign’s sphere.


If we consider the example of activating a pop-up on your website, it’s important to emphasise a few points. Only if you have significant organic traffic in terms of volume can you afford to overlook other channels for generating awareness for your campaign. Otherwise, activating a pop-up will only impact your organic reach. Another key aspect is deciding what type of pop-up to use and where to place it. In our experience working with more than 400 brands, normal pop ups are functional, but gamified content pop ups really make the difference. 

Another example of activation techniques is using paid media. Should you focus on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or perhaps TikTok? Identify the most suitable channel(s) and also decide whether your campaign should be ongoing or limited to a specific timeframe.


You need to find an engaging hook and the perfect incentive that clearly explains to your target audience why they should be interested and take action. What’s the benefit for them? 


It’s common to see a 2-4 times better performance with our strongest content compared to weaker ones. Therefore, hitting the mark with your content is crucial to maximise the effectiveness of your campaign. 

The core of activation lies in engagement, that’s the true north. Your campaign should invite interaction, be it through games, quizzes, contests, or other dynamic activities. This interaction isn’t just about fun; it’s a strategic move to keep your audience invested and involved, making your brand a part of their daily conversations.


In an era where consumers are bombarded with generic advertising, personalization can make your campaign stand out. Tailor your messages and interactions to resonate with your audience on a personal level. Remember, a campaign that speaks directly to an individual is more likely to ignite action.


Once your campaign is in full swing, the job isn’t over. Monitoring and analysing how your audience interacts with your campaign is critical. Use these insights to adapt and fine-tune your approach, ensuring that your campaign doesn’t just start strong but continues to thrive.

Keep the momentum going


Consistency is key in activation. Regular updates, new challenges, and continuous engagement opportunities keep the momentum up. Your goal is to make your campaign a part of your audience’s routine until it culminates.


Sharing the success stories and experiences of participants can work wonders for your campaign. It adds a human element, builds trust, and encourages more people to join in. Remember, nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd.


By focusing on engagement, personalization, and continuous adaptation, you can turn a well-planned interactive campaign into an unforgettable experience that not only reaches but resonates with your audience. Remember, in the world of interactive marketing, it’s not just about what you offer; it’s about how you bring it to life.

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