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Customer case

BON'A PARTE tries personalised and product-related gamification

The enriched first-party data was used for personalised content and automated after-sales

About Company

logo of bon'a parte. they benefit from gamification
Consumer goods

BON’A PARTE is a Danish fashion brand that designs fashionable clothes with a Scandinavian touch for the modern, feminine woman. Located in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium, BON’A PARTE has been part of the successful fashion group DK Company A/S since 2015.

Never seen before and it performs

  • Opening Rate (OR) – Increase 133%
  • Click Rate (CR) – Increase 300%
  • Conversion Rate (CVR) – Increase 80%
iPad with a product choose feature. different bra appear on the screen. registration form on bottom right

Gamification marketing in all markets, year-round

Using the My Favourites game format, BON’A PARTE achieved a significant increase in their supply of quality leads and further enriched their existing customer data. With the data gathered from their gamified campaign, the fashion retailer was able to enable intelligent and more personalised after-sales communications via email automation.

The results? Their emails had a significantly higher opening and contact rate compared to traditional marketing emails due to the more personalised content.

"We have been working with Scratcher for 3 years now. The partnership has been smooth and rewarding in terms of lead generation and sales. Scratcher has been an extremely competent business partner. In fact, they continuously made the effort to achieve the customer's satisfaction."
Jesper Holst, Ecommerce Sales & Operation Manager, DK Company Online
Jesper Holst
Ecommerce Sales & Operation Manager, DK Company A/S

Scratcher developed the gamification campaign "Style & Win" for BON'A PARTE

To access the game, visitors first entered their information and signed up for BON’A PARTE’s newsletter. The My Favourites format asked participants to put together a complete outfit—they choose their favourite top, bottom, and footwear from a series of pre-selected product categories determined by BON’A PARTE. The categories were carefully selected month by month for seasonal purposes and the products that are shown depend on the behaviour of the individual user. Their choices reflect on this behaviour, supported by Raptor Smart Advisor. It could happen that there is no registration of the user behaviour within these categories. In that case, the game would display “fallback products” from the most viewed product categories.

0 %

Opening Rate (OR) – Increase 133%

0 %

Click Rate (CR) – Increase 300%

0 %

Conversion Rate (CVR) – Increase 80%

Gamification marketing strategy

Each month, via BON’A PARTE’s email marketing system, a winner is automatically selected. The winner subsequently receives an email notification, letting them know that they have won the grand prize. All other contestants receive an automatic consolation prize featuring a voucher and a round up of their selected products. As a result, this mail outperforms all others by both click price and with a price that’s on a significantly lower level for social media.

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