Secrets from our Best E-Commerce User of 2022

A LinkedIn Live with POWER 💥

We love our users and their success! 🙌 This one includes 3 years of gamification marketing experience, the revival of a 90s TV classic, and a conversion rate growth from 40% to 80%. POWER, the Nordics’ electronics giant, has truly found the key when it comes to online and offline marketing!

We had a talk about all things e-commerce and gamification with industry expert Joakim Sigvardt, e-commerce manager at POWER A/S. Learn how you can grab your audience’s attention and boost your marketing strategy with the power of gamification.

We discussed:
→ POWER’s rewarding omnichannel strategy
→ The revival of live TV shopping
→ The best lessons from working with gamification marketing in e-commerce
→ Ways to integrate interactive experiences into your customer journey