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Learn how to unlock an +80% conversion rate on your Christmas campaigns

Unwrap success for your Christmas campaigns 🎁

In this webinar, Scratcher’s CCO Nikolaj F. Skarbye shares how you can give your audience the gift of an interactive experience this year. See how our customers—including Toyota, Just Eat, and POWER—have achieved conversion rates of +80% over the course of 24 days! Grab your audience’s attention to attract more leads, keep more customers, and grow your revenue this holiday season.

The busiest time of the year is just around the corner and, as marketers know, it’s essential to make your voice heard. 📢 Don’t let your message get lost in the sea of holiday ads and offers—stand out by making your holiday marketing interactive!

In this webinar, we focus on:
→ The benefits of gamification during the busy holiday season
→ How to drive awareness leading up to your Christmas campaign
→ Best practice to get the most out of the post-campaign period
→ Effective examples of engaging and memorable campaigns