Drop Game

Our take on an old classic, the drop game. Slide your basket side-to-side and catch the falling items.

What can you do?

You can set the drop game up to fit your business objectives, we recommend the following

Lead Generation

Rewards & Loyalty

Increase Sales

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Features of the drop game

Set the bar

Define the winning score, difficulty and rules. Test your participants and see who lives up to the challenge! Who will win?

Good ball, bad ball

Are you looking for a challenge? Turn up the difficulty by adding some items to avoid.

Times up!

Set a time limit and keep participants on the edge of their seat. See who prevails next to a ticking clock.

Fully customisable

We created it for you to make it your own. Every element of the game can be customized to match your vision of a perfect campaign.

Do you want to see other solutions, apart from the drop game?

Drop is one of many.

If the Drop’s mechanics didn’t meet your vision, don’t worry.

There are more than 20 formats for you to choose from. Visit our Game Formats page to see the rest of our games.

Do you need help?

We are here to guide you on your way to gamification.

If you need help regarding subscription options, campaign ideas, or would like to order our bespoke service,

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