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Gamification Marketing in the Furniture Industry

Gamification furniture industry

Gamification marketing allows you to collect data about your customers’ favourites and general product preferences in an entertaining way. Give your audience different choices in your game and analyse which ones are more attractive and less attractive. Create an interplay between a physical in-store element and a digital presence, giving customers a varied experience with […]

Gamification Marketing in the Travel Industry

It has never been as easy or inexpensive to travel as it is today, with a dream destination just a few clicks away. This provides really exciting opportunities to reach out to both new and existing customers and stay top of mind when they’re ready to book their next trip. Gamification marketing has become a […]

Gamification Marketing in the Car Industry

Gamification marketing has been widely used within the retail and hospitality industries, but what about market sectors with more high-priced and considerable purchase items—like the car industry? Does gamification marketing bring exceptional results here as well? The automotive industry is increasingly using gamification marketing in order to improve not only their customer experience, but also […]

Gamification Marketing in the Fashion Industry

With the digitalisation of the fashion industry, the importance of social media campaigns, influencer marketing, digital clothing experiments, and many other new tactics come into play. The tech transformation of the fashion industry has reinforced the desire to escalate brand reach and increase revenues. It’s an industry that has been in the digital world for a […]