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Gamification Marketing for Retailers

Engage with consumers right where they are - whether that's in your physical stores, through your app or website, social media, or reading your emails.


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Enhance omnichannel experiences

Drive players to the app and winners to the store

Blend interactive content into your in-store, online, and pickup interactions, creating a unified and engaging shopping experience.

Interactive content involves adding game-like elements such as rewards, challenges, and leaderboards to the app experience. This approach not only makes the app more interactive and fun for users but also encourages more downloads and engagement. 

At the end of an interactive campaign, winning participants receive their coupon via email, head into the store, and redeem their prize—it’s as simple as that!

  • Each win activates a unique, redeemable voucher via emai
  • Easy to manage, with no need to track separately or upload special codes

Leverage QR codes to engage consumers and drive interaction with your brand. Strategically place them throughout the store, on packages, or in various media outlets to encourage participation in games and other online interactive experiences. 

Grow your share of wallet

Personalise and convert

All of the Scratcher game formats are designed to collect both first-party and zero-party data.

Utilize this information to provide targeted offers and personalized communication, such as tailored product suggestions. Then, enrich your marketing tools (CRM, CDP, DMP) with this customer data to implement a strategy based on data-driven marketing.

Turn non winners into sales. During off-peak seasons, encourage customers to participate in contests to win exciting prizes. Offer consolation rewards,  like discounts for in-store or online buys to increase sales. This approach draws in customers and boosts earnings, even during slow times.

Do you want to launch campaigns where people can participate as much as they want, but where they can win a prize only once?

Define your prize rules and give all participants a better chance  to win.

Strengths consumer's loyalty

Nurture loyalty with a program that stands out

Engage and ensure your customer fidelity. Loyalty programs – which recognise and reward long-term patrons – help retain customers and increase your revenue through captivating incentives. In today’s digital age, the competition has increased – customers have more options to choose from. Make sure your loyalty program stands out with gamification!

Using interactive content and formats after a purchase is a great way to encourage costumers to return, boosting LTV and maintaining low CAC through loyalty. Offering ‘buy & engage’ activities bridges the gap between in-store shopping and online interaction, ensuring ongoing engagement.

Adding the Scratcher platform to your CRM system lets you set up unique interactive experiences for customers who haven’t bought anything in a period of time, inviting them to participate and make a purchase in an engaging way.

Intuitive, drag and drop platform

Create, design, and launch interactive campaigns in minutes

Customise your campaigns to fit your style – use your own custom fonts, sounds, videos, and branding to create a consistent user experience and improve brand awareness. Our user-friendly, drag and drop design editor makes it simple to bring your ideas to life in a fun and interactive way.  Make it easier for people to discover and engage with your brand and leave a lasting impression with interactive experiences.


Easily integrate all of your favourite tools

It’s simple to connect Scratcher to your marketing tech stack, map the fields, and transfer the data you want. Connect with more than 3,000 tools/web apps using Scratcher integrations or Zapier.

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