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Gamification Marketing for Consumer Goods

Increase engagement with your audience throughout their purchasing journey. Explore various interactive methods and effective strategies tailored for Consumer Goods brands.


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Engage visitors and capture data

Create memorable experiences

Give your audience something to remember and stand out from the sea of mundane ads and relentless “buy now”-messages.

Offer discount codes as consolation prizes, and make sure to highlight that the promotion is ending soon. This urgency prompts faster conversions.

Gamification is an excellent strategy to collect and own first-party data about your audience. Using the power of interactive experiences, you give value to your audience in exchange for their willingness to share their data – email, phone number, purchase history, preferences, demographics – with you.

This information helps you retarget and nurture visitors with personalised content, aiming to move them forward in their customer journey.

At the end of an interactive campaign, winning participants receive their coupon via email, visit the store, and redeem their prize – it’s as simple as that!

Each win activates a unique, redeemable voucher sent to their email.

Engage consumers & personalize experiences

Boost your sales

Brands can no longer rely solely on price, product, or service to stand out; they must differentiate themselves by offering genuine value through customer-focused experiences.

Incorporate specialized formats designed to facilitate the sale of challenging products such as jeans, creams, or sneakers. 

The aim is to assist and educate customers in discovering products or services tailored to their specific needs.

Examples of gamification in product launches include creating quizzes and trivia games related to the new product, offering incentives like discounts or exclusive access to high scorers.  Additionally, interactive storytelling through narrative or adventure games involving the product can emotionally engage consumers and provide entertaining insights into its features, making the launch memorable and impactful.

Offer discount codes as consolation prizes, and make sure to highlight that the promotion is ending soon. This urgency prompts faster conversions.

Once you convert, retain them

Nurture customer loyalty

It’s clear that deeper engagement with consumers is more likely to drive them to take action. Gamification provides minutes of engagement by offering immersive experiences that guide users through a specific journey, leading to behavioral changes.

This can result in making a purchase decision or increasing overall brand engagement.

Engage and ensure your customer fidelity. Loyalty programs – which recognise and reward long-term patrons – help retain customers and increase your revenue through captivating incentives. In today’s digital age, the competition has increased – customers have more options to choose from.

Make sure your loyalty program stands out with gamification!

Integrating Scratcher’s gamification platform to your CRM system lets you set up unique interactive experiences for customers who haven’t bought anything in a period of time, inviting them to participate and make a purchase in an engaging way.

Intuitive, drag and drop platform

Create, design, and launch gamified campaigns in minutes

Keep your campaigns on brand. With our editor, you can use your own custom fonts, sounds, and videos to maintain brand consistency. With our pre-made templates you can get started in less than an hour!

It’s easy to make an interactive campaign – no technical skills are required.

Coming soon: Native webshop integration!

Easily integrate all of your favourite tools

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Wolt’s gamification campaign led to holistic upgrades across multiple KPIs

With one Christmas campaign, Toyota managed to attract over 450,000 participants.

Continental drove a 130% increase in newsletter subscriptions with one campaign.