My Favorites

The participants swipe through available options in multiple levels and pick their favorite for each level
– creating e.g. their favorite dinner (starter, main course, dessert) or favorite outfit (top, bottom, shoes).

Customize & win

Great for promoting (new) products or your brand since you engage and activate
your customers by having them choose their favorite set out of a series of options.

My Favorites is the must popular game in the industry to collect data

We grew up with quizzes through board games and it is always exciting to participate in a quiz and especially if you combine it with a brand or company that you have some kind of interest in or there is an interesting prize up for grabs.

Get insight and data on your customers with My Favorites campaigns

Get information from the participants with the questions you build and use there answers to collect data for knowning better your customers and then use it for marketing or sales.

Or lean more about what the answers is based on what goals you have to succed with the quiz you have build. 

My Favorites examples

From some of our customers to give your inspiration

Birthday Party

New Collection

Product Awareness

Product Display

Customer insight

Product promotion

Easy to use design editor to build your My Favorites campaign

We have built our platform to make it easy for you to work with the setup and design of your campaign. Build easy a campaign with questions and answers with finish pages.

Get statistic and see performance realtime on your My Favorites campaign

Every campaign in your account have a statistic dashboard were you can see performance on your campaign, prize overview and participant data on who is playing your game. 

Build your own My Favorites game

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