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Gamification marketing trends in 2023!

An Exclusive Gamification Marketing Webinar

Here is what you’ll learn: 

Why is lead generation so powerful with gamification?

Let’s face it – no one mindlessly enters their name into a signup form! But, what if you made your approach to lead generation fun and interactive? A reward in exchange for a name and email, a discount code for a phone number and a demographic. With interactive content, you can entice your audience and see an increased rate of conversion on forms.

How can gamification help you with data enrichment?

In this portion of the webinar, we will focus on how you can offer your audience an engaging experience and reward in exchange for new and updated information. With this give-and-take approach, providing personal data is not a negative experience but a valuable and memorable one. With examples of what type of games are most suitable for data enrichment.

How gamification can help you increase your sales?

Why not start your new visitors off with a win? Offering a chance to win a small upfront reward or discount is a great way to engage visitors with your brand right from the start. Engaged customers are more likely to stay loyal and turn to your business for future purchases. Don’t just offer a discount, make it valuable and fulfilling with instant rewards.

Integrating gamification into your overall marketing mix

You will learn about various approaches to integrating gamification into different marketing channels, such as website, social media, email, off-line and in-store promotions, and how to align these efforts with your overall marketing strategy. Gamification can – and should – be an essential part of your customer journey.

Why you can’t miss out on Gamification in 2023?

In the final section of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to learn from case studies and real-world examples of successful gamification marketing campaigns from 2022. We will examine these case studies in detail and teach you how to apply these campaigns’ lessons to your efforts in 2023.

Some of the results from various case studies

– 29% decrease in CPL compared to normal lead gen campaigns

– 60% higher intent to buy after participating in a gamified experience

– Gamified Pop-up converts 5x higher compared to normal Pop-up

– 30% higher CTR on social channels with gamified links compared to normal ads