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Customer case

Mastering lead generation with Dansk Boligvurdering

A customer-centric, always-on strategy with over 70% conversion.

Dansk Boligvurdering

Dansk Boligvurdering helps homeowners get closer to what they dream of. Their services consist of facilitating home assessments or advisory meetings that suit the needs of the individual homeowner. They work with real estate agents and impartial financial advisors located throughout Denmark.

An interactive solution to engage visitors

Navigating the real estate market can be tough, especially with rising inflation and interest rates. Dansk Boligvurdering steps in to bridge the gap between consumers, real estate agents, and financial advisors, facilitating meetings and helping consumers find the best solutions for their needs.


The company has two main goals: engaging their target audience and generating qualified leads. "With Scratcher, we can explore new approaches that align more closely with our audience's needs," says Karoline Lykke, the communication manager at Dansk Boligvurdering. She highlights that their outreach isn't limited to just using the housing calculator on their website, but also involves sharing valuable information and offers.


Dansk Boligvurdering utilizes gamification to create strategic, informative campaigns addressing various topics and consumer concerns. For example, their mortgage assessment campaign uses a quiz format to activate their audience and guide them towards conversion. This quiz asks participants about their current mortgage, financial history, and future plans, helping to pinpoint their needs. Based on their answers, participants are then invited to book a meeting with a financial advisor.


Karoline notes that the leads obtained through these campaigns are generally "warmer" and more likely to convert compared to other methods. Gamification allows Dansk Boligvurdering to gather detailed information upfront, shortening the lead processing time and increasing the likelihood of conversion. This method proves beneficial for both parties—visitors receive tailored advice, and Dansk Boligvurdering efficiently connects with potential clients ready for their services.

“Lead generation works best when you have something to offer. And, whether it’s home improvement or the result of some quiz or personality test, we get better results with gamification. Scratcher allows us to create campaigns directly for our audience’s needs—and the leads we receive are often hotter than with other lead gen methods, which has been a huge advantage for us.”
Karoline Lykke
Communication manager, Dansk Boligvurdering

Lessons to share

With Scratcher, Dansk Boligvurdering focuses on activating potential clients with interactive, always-on campaigns. They’ve engaged over 20,000 participants across 30 active campaigns, with an average conversion of 20%. To reach their target audience, they employ paid ads on social media—often on an intermittent basis—as well as Facebook pixels and cookies.


As one of their top campaigns, the mortgage assessment quiz is a stand out with a conversion rate of over 70%! Karoline explains that this campaign’s success “was a mixture of topicality and, at the same time, having the chance to ask some questions that were very relevant, both in terms of how we can approach the customer and also in terms of tapping into the audience’s needs quite well.”


And another added bonus? With gamification, Dansk Boligvurdering “can [now] spread the ad budget a little wider on a few different ads with different angles, and this has caused the ad prices to fall. It’s been a great combination!”


Karoline's most valuable advice is to closely tune into the needs of your audience. She emphasizes the importance of identifying those needs through effective collaboration between sales and marketing. This synergy helps in understanding what the audience seeks, enabling the creation of targeted campaigns.


It's also crucial to think creatively beyond traditional competitions or familiar game formats. For effective conversion rates, it's beneficial to find a unique angle that adds value and leverages the power of gamification's reciprocity.


Karoline advises, "Continuously create new interactive campaigns to keep your audience engaged with fresh and diverse content that piques their curiosity and relates to them."

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