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Customer case

Wolt's gamification campaign led to holistic upgrades across multiple KPIs

We had a conversation with Niels Klevin, Marketing Specialist at Wolt, who shared insights into his journey with gamification. He detailed how he planned, executed, and launched successful seasonal campaigns using the Scratcher platform.

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Wolt, is a Finnish food delivery company known for its delivery platform for food and merchandise. On Wolt's apps customers can order food and household goods from the platform's restaurant and merchant partners, and either pick up their order. Wolt operates in 25 countries and over 300 cities, including Helsinki, Tokyo, and Berlin. Wolt has over 70,000 merchant partners, 150,000 courier partners and 20 million registered customers.

Wolt's Winter Campaign 🎁❄️

Niels plays a key role in managing 3P (third-party retail partners), focusing on non-takeaway segments. He’s been pivotal in incorporating gamified elements into Wolt’s marketing.

Wolt marketing team sets ambitious Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets, both monthly and campaign-specific, covering a range of metrics from order volume to Wolt Plus subscribers. The campaign Niels led was particularly significant, being the largest. It aimed to enhance user engagement and expand Wolt’s customer base.

In Wolt’s latest winter campaign, the team unveiled a Mystery Box feature designed to captivate existing customers and attract new ones. Over the two-month period, the campaign achieved widespread awareness and significant improvements in key performance indicators, such as: new user sign-ups, order volume, and total transaction value. Also a 16% rise in Wolt Plus members subscriptions was notable. The boost in Wolt Plus subscriptions was a byproduct of the campaign’s strategy, where it was positioned as a consolation prize, effectively driving these subscriptions. This success in diversifying our user base and increasing transactions highlighted Wolt’s platform’s broad offerings beyond just takeaway, showcasing their strong presence in the retail vertical and underlining the campaign’s effectiveness not only in raising brand awareness but also in converting that awareness into measurable growth.

The campaign really stood out by boosting marketing permissions by 150% compared to the starting figures in November and December. This means Wolt has significantly expanded its pool of potential contacts for future campaigns, starting from a higher baseline. This growth reduces the need for paid ads, making future marketing more cost-effective and direct.

The campaign also showcased the potential of holistic marketing strategies that encompass both product awareness and user acquisition.

Niels highlighted the effectiveness of gamification in engaging customers, which not only contributed to the campaign’s success but also offered insights into innovative marketing tactics. The use of gamified elements, combined with incentives like free delivery for new users, outperformed traditional promotional offerings.

“I believe that gamification in marketing has shown us that campaigns can be much more holistic than we’re used to. They can raise awareness for retail, significantly improve our metrics, and draw new users to the platform.”
Niels Klevin
Niels Klevin
Marketing Specialist at Wolt

Activation of the campaign

The campaign used performance marketing to capture people’s attention and attract new users to the app. Key components included in-app banners and outdoor advertisements, while influencers also played a role in spreading the word, albeit a smaller one compared to the other efforts.

Communication with special promotions, like 14 days of free delivery combined with gamified elements, proved more engaging than traditional voucher giveaways, demonstrating a novel approach to communication.

"Using gamification in marketing proves to be more attention-grabbing compared to conventional advertising methods such as regular discount campaigns. Through the integration of playful elements into our promotional efforts, we enhance their appeal beyond standard offerings like free delivery for 14 days or discounts on first purchase. It's an innovative method to create more excitement in our campaigning."


The results

Reflecting on the campaign’s impact, Niels noted the significant role of gamification in achieving impressive results across various metrics, including new user acquisition and transaction values. The success has prompted considerations for making gamification a constant feature in Wolt’s marketing efforts, aiming to sustain and grow the opt-in user base for future campaigns.


This campaign not only marked a milestone for Wolt in terms of marketing achievements but also underscored Niels’s contribution as a Marketing Specialist, leveraging innovative strategies to drive remarkable growth:

Campaign Results for Existing Customers:

  • Unique Visitors: 685380
  • Unique Participants: 150062
  • Conversion Rate: 22%

Campaign Results for New Users:

  • Unique Visitors: 116624
  • Unique Participants: 51603
  • Conversion Rate: 44%


Key takeaways

  • Implementing gamification opened up new creative possibilities for Wolt’s messaging while driving impressive results across key business metrics. It also enabled us to rapidly expand the marketing permission base to support future campaigns.
  • Gamification for higher engagement: Wolt harnessed the power of gamification to significantly enhance user engagement, resulting in increased user acquisition, order volume, and transaction value. Gamified experiences outshine traditional methods like vouchers, captivating users far more effectively.
  • Drive traffic and boost conversions: Wolt’s strategic use of paid channels, including performance marketing and outdoor advertising, to effectively drive traffic and enhance campaign visibility.
  • Overcome challenges and scale: Wolt navigated the complexities of user engagement, emphasizing the role of gamification as a continuous strategy for attracting new opt-ins.
  • Data-Driven decisions: Discover the crucial role of metrics like click-through rates and audience insights in shaping the success of marketing campaigns. Uncover how data informs strategic decisions, leading to optimized campaign performance.

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