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Crafting a winning Valentine's interactive campaign

You don’t need to focus on typical Valentine’s items like roses or chocolates for your interactive marketing campaign. Think of the season as just a backdrop, a reason to engage, while your real focus should be on meeting your marketing goals. That’s what shapes your strategy for the perfect interactive campaign.

Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on February 14th, is all about love and affection (well, that’s the plan anyway! 😄). To make the most of it, start engaging with your audience well before the day arrives.

Take this example: if your goal is to ramp up how much your audience interacts with your brand, you might use a Calendar interactive format. This lets you set up a string of games and activities over a certain time, like the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. This method not only builds excitement but also gives your audience plenty of chances to engage, making your brand a key part of their Valentine’s celebration.

Let’s recap on 5 of the main objectives (drivers) you can enhance with interactive campaigns:

  1. Customer Activation:  To activate customers, use interactive marketing to get them more involved with your brand, faster. After you collect first-party data, you can make your messages more personal and keep your brand interesting for your audience. This means not just gathering info but really using it to create experiences that fit what each customer likes and wants. Doing this helps make your brand stick in their minds and keeps them coming back.

  2. Rewards & Loyalty: Foster enhanced loyalty by implementing interactive customer rewards and engagement programs. 

  3. Data Enrichment: Leverage interactive marketing tools to collect and update customer data, enabling more informed decision-making.

  4. Increase Sales: Create a sense of excitement with limited-time offers or flash sales. These can be integrated into your interactive campaign, encouraging customers to make purchases during this special time. No one likes to walk away empty-handed, right? 🎁 Implementing a smart tactic for participants who didn’t win can turn frowns upside down. How about a sweet 20% promo code for their next purchase? It’s a great way to keep interest high and boost sales!

  5. Brand Engagement: Captivate users’ attention, create lasting impressions, and build brand affinity through interactive marketing channels and formats. Keep an eye on participant numbers, sales, and coupon usage rates. This will give you a clear picture of your campaign’s impact. Pay special attention to how many use those consolation prizes – it’s a great indicator of customer engagement and can guide your future campaigns.

Interactive campaign example – Memory Test 

Tips for a heartfelt interactive marketing campaign:

  • Simplicity is key: Ensure that your interactive format is easy and enjoyable to play.
  • Stay true to your brand: Your interactive format should reflect your brand’s personality and values. Think about branding and personalising the rewards or prizes.
  • Think mobile: A lot of your customers will interact with your campaign on their phones, so make sure it’s optimised.
  • Track your success: Keep an eye on how well your campaign is doing in terms of engagement and sales. It’s important to set bases for future campaigns.
  • Integrate Scratcher seamlessly with your existing marketing tech stack: Whether it’s through popular native integrations, connecting with over 3000 web apps via Zapier, or using the Scratcher API for custom data handling, the platform ensures smooth operation with your current systems.

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show your customers some love and put your brand on the same page as the consumers. By integrating interactive marketing into your strategy, you can make this day more engaging and enjoyable. 

Visit the interactive formats page to start crafting your ideas.

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