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Based on your brand’s concept and goals, you have the opportunity to offer a range of interactive experiences and playstyles. Additionally, you can customise the various game templates to align perfectly with your brand’s unique look and feel.

Christmas scratchcard, red background, three presents are already revealed


The participant get a chance to scratch and see if they are the lucky winner of the day.

* Instant win 
* Draw

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Christmas spin the wheel, red background.

Wheel Of Fortune

The participant spin the wheel and have the chance to win the daily prize or collect a ticket for the draw.

* Instant win 
* Draw

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red background, christmas quiz, red popup with the question

Answer the Quiz

The participant answer quiz questions and have the chance to win the daily prize or collect a ticket for the draw.

* Instant win 
* Draw

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Christmas mystery box, red background. Three presents are on the center of the pic

Mystery Box

The participant opens a gift box and see if they are the lucky winner. 

* Instant win 
* Draw

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Puzzle of a present. red background

Solve the Puzzle

The participant move pieces to solve a puzzle and see if they are the lucky daily draw winner.

* Draw

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Christmas dice, red background, yellow star

Roll the Dice

The participant rolls the dice. If they’re lucky, they can win a prize and also have a daily draw winner.  

* Instant win 
* Draw

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Most Popular: Christmas Calendar

A Christmas calendar with 24 doors, where a new door opens every day to new competitions or new content of any type.

Advent calendar. red background, white tiles
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christmas background, slot machine with knitting items on the rolls. popup with prizes of the slot machine, rito.dk campaign

Rito's Christmas Campaign: Discover their strategy for amplifying website traffic and online shop sales

By activating and promoting their campaign across all marketing channels, Rito.dk managed to create a very successful Christmas campaign using the classic Slot Machine format. Their combination of both grand prizes and consolation prizes proved to be a very effective strategy, as the consolation prizes were discount codes that could be used directly in their webshop. 

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