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Gamification and Data collection

Gamification & Data Collection

First-party data is the data collected by businesses directly from their audience, customers, and prospects. A simple opt-in form allows you to collect and process their data! Big data analytics can be a confusing task. Ask any business and the answer is, “Yes, we’re doing it.”

But when you look closer, very few companies actually have systems that are collecting real data from their customers and how they’re interacting with them online. Having access to more data doesn’t mean anything without activating the right data.

Data collection is time-consuming, expensive, and manually intensive—but, if you do it right, it can be truly invaluable.

Why is first-party data so important?

Your marketing efforts can only be as targeted as the data they rely on.

First-party data is the information you collect directly from your audience or customers. This can be information such as: name, email address, country of origin, etc. It also includes any information that the visitor gives you through behaviours, actions, or interests demonstrated across your website or app, data that you have in your CRM, and subscription data.

This data can help your brand deliver a more personalised experience for your customers and can be obtained cost-effectively through the use of gamification! It is collected directly from the source, which means the results are accurate, qualitative, and relevant to your business.

The digital advertising business is highly competitive, pushing advertisers to increase their efforts to break out of the pack with more accurate and qualitative data. They are often willing to pay the price if the media can offer them effective targeting. Little qualitative data will always be worth more than a lot of imprecise data.

According to a survey conducted by Campaign live, 96% of advertisers say they are ready for a world without third-party cookies. However, most respondents report using less than half the potential of their first-party data.

The key difference between first and third-party data is the ownership of it

If you rely on third-party data, there is a good chance your competitors have access to it as well. However, by implementing gamification to your marketing efforts, you can retain full control over data collection and gain insightful information about your customers. Self-collected data can therefore create a competitive advantage, as it enables you to advertise accurately and generate higher quality traffic.

If those reasons aren’t enough for you to consider gathering first-party data, keep in mind – Apple does its utmost to block cookies, making tracking harder. Also, one of Google’s goals is also to remove third-party cookies by 2023.

Gamifying your data collection

We are all well aware of the fact that we give up a lot of personal information every day on the internet. However, it is rarely something we enjoy doing. In fact, it can feel a bit intrusive at times. On the contrary, with gamification, providing personal data will no longer feel like an intrusive and negative experience. Instead, you offer your audience something fun and engaging, while gathering new and updated information.

It is quite simple: gamification creates a fun, exciting, and engaging experience for your audience, while you collect valuable data about each visitor – which in turn will help you increase both sales and customer loyalty.

For data collection to work at a high rate, the interaction must give more than it takes. Gamification offers to give something right now in return for the information the customer provides, it is a hard offer to refuse. This is called the power of reciprocity – when people receive something, they feel obligated to return the favour.

Updated data increases relevancy

Data enrichment is not something you perform once and forget about it. In fact, consumer patterns tend to change over time. The same goes for the demographic data of your individual visitors. Indeed, changes in life create changes in what consumers need when shopping. In effect, the more updated information you have about your visitors, the greater the chances of you being able to create offers that are tailored to each and every visitor.

A very effective way to achieve this is by implementing gamified quizzes, personality tests, or product match games in your email journeys or on your website. This helps you identify their pains, buying criteria, preferences, or needs. Understanding the nature of their business makes you able to categorise and communicate to them accurately. More often than not, resulting in an improved ROI on your marketing efforts.

The best part is that you can start implementing it today! Try using one of our “low effort-high conversion” games like Scratchcard or Wheel of Fortune in order to start collecting first-party data. At Scratcher, we help you collect data through unique and entertaining interactive campaigns, ensuring that the data you collect about your visitors is constantly up to date.

What's Next?

If done right, gamification will capture users’ attention and increase their commitment to a purchase transaction.

Are you looking for a new way to engage with your customers, or want to find ways to keep them coming back? Gamification marketing may be the answer.

Create a free account today and our team will help you get started using gamification marketing in your business.

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