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Create new business and upsell opportunities with interactive marketing.




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Create new business and upsell opportunities with interactive marketing.

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Interactive Marketing for E-commerce

Increase website traffic, convert leads into sales, and gain deeper insights during the pre-purchase phase with Scratcher.

Boost your marketing efforts by adding an interactive layer to your campaigns.


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Get more out of what you already do. Add an interactive layer to your marketing campaigns.

Engage visitors and capture data

Be memorable in a world full of noise

For every day that passes the internet gets flooded with more noise – and less tracking data for you as a marketer.

With Scratcher, you stand out from the crowd by offering engaging games and competitions on your website, allowing you to capture first-party data on your visitors. 

Improve your customer knowledge thanks to accurate data collected via interactive content. Then, use these insights to deliver segment-based offers and customised communications, like product recommendations. Finally, feed your marketing tools (CRM, CDP, DMP) with customer data and leverage a data-driven marketing strategy.

Re-engage customers who are about to leave, with an interactive pop-up offering a chance to participate and win a discount or extra gift. This drives the desire to claim their prize and incentivizes your users to come back.

Interactive content tends to reduce bounce rates by providing engaging experiences that keep visitors on your site longer, thus signaling to search engines that your website offers valuable and relevant information.

Once you capture their attention, you can convert them into shoppers.

Maximize sales within your current budget

Help your visitors choose the right products with our interactive formats and boost your conversion rates. Our consolation prizes ensure that even those who don’t win in your competitions can be converted. 

Add some interaction to your webshop with more than 20 formats to help you convert your visitors faster while engaging them and offering a nice shopping experience.

Incorporate specialized formats designed to facilitate the sale of challenging products such as jeans, creams, or sneakers. This can pose a difficulty particularly in online sales of more intricate items.

Instead of simply offering a discount for signing up, encourage your visitors to engage in an interactive experience where they register, participate, and have the chance to win the discount. This not only keeps your customers more engaged with your brand but also provides you with valuable insights into their interests and needs.

Once you convert them, you can focus on retaining them.

Retain your customers and keep them coming back

The easiest consumers to sell to are those who have previously made purchases. With our ad hoc campaigns, you can reward and retain loyal customers, enticing them to return for more. 

Loyal customers are the backbone of your business. Reward them for all types of interactions they have with your brand, like taking part in a contest, following your Facebook page or subscribing to your newsletter. Next to that, incentivise purchases on your e-commerce and give points based on more than ten criteria: total amount, shipping cost, basket, quantity, etc.

Interactive marketing, paired with a CRM that has marketing automation capabilities, can be a very effective way to engage customers. In the form of interactive loyalty programs, users can be rewarded at various levels with exclusive games. This increases open and click rates in newsletters.

Engage and ensure your customer fidelity. Loyalty programs – which recognise and reward long-term patrons – help retain customers and increase your revenue through captivating incentives. In today’s digital age, the competition has increased – customers have more options to choose from.

Easy and intuitive, our platform offers an effortless drag and drop experience

Create, design, and launch interactive campaigns in less than 60 minutes

Keep your campaigns on brand. With our editor, you can use your own custom fonts, sounds, and videos to maintain brand consistency. And get started in less than an hour.


It’s easy to make a campaign – even if you’re not a designer. 


Plan your marketing campaigns

  • Register to Scratcher platform
  • Select your interactive  format
  • Define the start – end of the campaign
  • Define the prizes or the outcome after participating


Build your interactive campaign

  • Add your branding in the editor
  • Define the form fields for registering to particpate
  • Copy-paste the code in the landing page
  • Integrate with your MarTech


Activate it in
your marketing channels

  • Insert a pop-up in your website
  • Paid Ads
  • E-mail 
  • Place QR codes in point of sales, screens, rollers, or booths
  • Social Media



  • Total participants
  • Conversion Rates
  • Impressions
  • Engagement –Time spent
  • Total prizes redeemed
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • Qualified Leads 

Choose from 20+ interactive formats

An interactive format for each stage of your marketing funnel - no matter your goal!

Spin a wheel on the center, shrimps, sunglasses, flight and beach on the bottom

Light blue background. Six colorful easter eggs. Mystery Box for seasonal customer activation

iPad with the quiz for NorgesEnergi. golden background, purple label on the bottom

A stylized knight on the center. on the bottom, a babboe cargo bike with its price.


Easily integrate all of your favourite tools

Connecting Scratcher to your marketing tech stack is easy – simply map the fields and transfer the data you want. With over 120 direct integrations and the flexibility of Zapier, you can access and sync with over 3,000 tools and web apps.

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